If you’re looking for Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Then you’ll definitely want to check out flutter. This amazing Salon started here in Broken Arrow and since then has expanded throughout the Tulsa area. Our services for eyelash extensions are affordable and very professional. We are able to achieve any look that you would like. If you want a dramatic look you are able to get that here at our salons across the Tulsa area. If you want a more natural look you are also able to achieve that here with us. Our prices are amazing compared to our competitors. So you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money when it comes to having great eyelashes.

If you’re looking for eyelash extensions that are Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa what is your first time getting eyelash extensions and you don’t know how to process then we are here to help. There is a pre- procedure for your eyelash extensions. We ask that you try not to wear mascara or eyeliner for 48 hours before your appointment. And I also ask that you avoid wearing makeup, especially heavy makeup on your face on the day of your appointment. Also, avoid drinking coffee or anything that is caffeinated on the day of your appointment. And lastly avoid wearing eyelash strips for at least 72 hours before your appointment. These are just some of the precautions to take to make sure that your eyelashes will look amazing and make sure your eyelashes are going to stick.

There is also the step of the day of the procedure of course. In this you will arrive into our salon and the procedure takes about an hour to two hours depending on what your eyelash wants are. If you want any more dramatic look it’s going to take longer than if you want a natural look. You’re able to get up and use the restroom if you would like, but we do not recommend doing so because it can affect the service and the end result. So be prepared to not use the bathroom unless it’s an emergency. If you want you can bring headphones or anything that you would like to listen to because it is going to take awhile. Please do not chew gum when you come to get your eyelash extensions. This is how the procedure works. And this is getting your step closer to your .Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa.

There is also an after care for your eyelash extensions. In this process you want to avoid touching your eyelash extensions with your finger. You want to use the brush provided if you need to adjust your lashes. Also avoid wearing heavy makeup and if you need to wash your lashes use the cleanser that is specially made for eyelash extensions. This is just another way to make sure that your lashes are looking great.

We are here for you when you are ready to book your appointment. You can book your appointment by giving us a call at 918-940-2888. You can also go on our website to contact us through there. You are able to also see all of our services on our website and see which one fits best for you. https://thextensionist918.com/

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa|Lashes That Are Great Daily

We are excited to announce that we are at the most Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa. If you want your eyelashes to look amazing and you want to achieve a specific look then you definitely want to come in and get your appointment booked here at the flutter. We’re able to offer you with affordable eyelash extensions that look natural or dramatic depending on your wants and needs. We want to offer you not only a great way to get your eyelashes looking amazing everyday for 24 hours but also want to offer an affordable service so you can come in and not feel like you’re spending all your money on your beauty needs.

If this is your first time getting eyelash extensions then we are here to help you understand how the process works. We want to start by letting you know the different options that you have. You have a classic option which is a single extension that is attached to one single natural eyelash at a time. So this is more of a natural look. The Blended is a classic but with added volume extensions for more fullness. We also offer the natural volume which Means that multiple handmade book heads of Spain extensions are applied to one of your natural lashes. And that we also offer bold volume which adds more lashes to your natural lash and lastly we offer extreme volume if you want an extremely long cut that is very dramatic. We also make eyelash extensions very Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa.

No matter which one you choose, you will definitely know that this is the most Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa. so you’ll never have to worry about spending your money on your eyelashes. Because our services are amazing and we do offer eyelash extensions starting at $80. Depending on which one you want to choose, the price goes up. The extreme volume one is our most expensive one but it’s still very affordable. You’ll definitely not find a more affordable place to get your eyelashes done. We’re not just an affordable place but we also offer gray services that cannot be matched anywhere else. Our eyelash extensions are always professionally done and we do everything here in house when it comes to training.

We will not disappoint you. We have the best eyelash extensions in Tulsa. We also have the most affordable extensions. Lash extensions start anywhere from $100 up. Depending on which service you want. You will not want to miss a percentage of having your eyelashes look perfect 24/7 so that is why you should definitely book an appointment or come in to talk to us.

If you’re ready to book with us today then do not hesitate to give us a call and get your appointment booked. Our phone number is 918-940-2888. You can also go on our website and get in touch with us through there or just to find out more information about the services we offer. You will definitely not be disappointed. https://thextensionist918.com/

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