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We are Oklahoma’s largest and most reviewed Tulsa eyelash extension salon! We take pride in our testimonials because they showcase how much our clients love us! All of our testimonials come from real clients that visit our salon. Our services include but are not limited to, Tulsa eyelash extensions (classic eyelash extensions, hybrid (blended) eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, mega volume eyelash extensions, eyelash lift and tints, permanent makeup (microblading, powder brows, combination brows, eyeliner, & lip blushing), teeth whitening, permanent jewelry, brow services (waxing, threading, and brow lift / lamination), HydraFacial’s, fibroblast, microneedling, and hair extensions. All our testimonials come from clients that have received one or more of these services. Finding a salon that cares about client feedback and has a solid reputation will ensure that your experiences are consistent, and worth your time and money! Therefore, we value the feedback we receive over everything else and are constantly improving our services and systems to better serve our lovely clients. We realize that without good and bad feedback, we cannot create the perfect environment for our services. Our Tulsa eyelash extension salons are in the greater Tulsa area and include GloUp (8026 S Memorial drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133), The Extensionist (1522 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112), GloUp 2 (3807 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105), Flutter (1049 N 9th St, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012), and The Extensionist (12340 E 86th St N, Owasso, Oklahoma 74055).

Our popular and in demand permanent makeup services are performed at the Brookside location (GloUp 2) and are called Shaded & Bladed. Our phone number is 918-940-2888. This number connects to all five of our salons, and our staff can assist you with any needs you might have for any location. This allows us to maintain better customer service and serve our clients better. We offer online booking 24/7 to assist our clients with their busy schedules. Booking can be done via phone or online for all locations. Providing the best possible service for every Tulsa eyelash extension client, every time is our number one goal. Therefore, all our beauticians are licensed and trained to perform our services the same exact ways before ever taking a real client.

The process of learning the services that we offer is not easy. For example, Tulsa eyelash extensions should be individually attached to one single eyelash, one at a time. This is very tedious and takes extreme care and patience. Without proper practice and training, damage to the natural eyelashes can occur, and this can sometimes be permanent. Without proper training systems, there is room for error, and the quality of work can become compromised. Therefore, we train every beautician the same way, and do not let them pass our training program until they are completely ready to offer our services the exact same way that the rest of our licensed and trained staff. Permanent cosmetics are semi-permanent services and require many hours of practice for the skills necessary to perform these services. Therefore, we license our staff in house and oversee all practice until the micropigmentologist is fully prepared to take real clients. Without extensive training, and proper management, services can become inconsistent and/or done incorrectly. There is no wondering or hoping if the service you are receiving is being done correctly when you come into any of our salons.

The services that we offer to our clients are luxury services that help make people feel beautiful. Our job is to offer the best beauty services that are in demand and that work. We stand behind our brand and desire to provide only the best to our clients. All our video testimonials allow you to see our clients after their services. Reading reviews are beneficial but seeing a real client talking about their experience brings it to the next level! We service women (sometimes men) of all ages and walks of life. Feeling good about yourself is something we love being able to help our clients with! Our Google and

Facebook reviews are written experiences from clients that we serve. Without constant and consistent feedback, we would not be able to continue bettering ourselves and the services that we offer! Every location is staffed with trained professionals that can assist with any feedback (good and bad). We also collect testimonials from our staff to showcase that our salon environment is a happy, enjoyable place to be. If we don’t have good teams, we can’t give consistent, amazing services! The value of reviews from both clients and staff allows us to see what we are doing right, and what we could be doing wrong, so that we can fine tune our environment to offer amazing services to our clients. Clients benefit from reading and watching testimonials because it enables them to better decide if they should select a business for their needs. Without being able to view other people’s experiences, it is hard to know if the business you are considering will be a good fit for you. As we continue to grow, our value of client feedback grows with us and has become paramount in priority.

We are available and ready to assist clients with their needs before and after their services, and always strive to go out of our way to provide the best customer service possible. For without our clients to serve, we would not be able to do what we love, and that is to help people feel more confident in their skin, and love pampering themselves.

If you have questions regarding the Tulsa eyelash extension services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 918-940-2888, via email fluttereyelashsalon@gmail.com, and via social media Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are a current client or considering us for your beauty services, our staff is ready to assist and serve you! Our lines of communication are open anytime. If we are not open, feel free to leave a message and we will always respond as soon as we open again! Dropping us a message via email or social media or leaving a voicemail by phone can be done 24/7, even on holidays! Once we are back in the salon, we will reach out.

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