Are you trying to find an affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa? Our salon is the choice for you! We provide numerous services that are affordable. We want to make sure that EVERYONE feels confident, even if you’re on a budget. We make sure that we give you instructions on how to keep your lashes looking brand new and last longer. Therefore you have time to save to come visit us again. We welcome everyone who can come book with us.

We are the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa. Are you looking around Tulsa for a lash salon, but think wow these prices are crazy! Look no further. We want to provide the best service that can also be fair priced. Our team loves pampering everyone, even if you’re looking for low cost services. Everyone should be able to feel confident. If you are a single mom or just a woman who wants to feel more outgoing, then come to us. We value our clients and want nothing but the best for them. We make sure to take care of you. Our salon is relaxing and comfortable. You have the choice of choosing a recliner or bed to lay on while getting your lashes done. The environment we create is so relaxing you’ll fall asleep.

Come to our salon to get the best affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa. We have multiple services that aren’t as expensive as others. Our goal is to provide confidence turnover clients. Do you want to be sure that everyone leaves with a smile. If you’re looking to get your lashes done here, and there a few things that you should know. Don’t drink, coffee or anything high and caffeine before your appointment. This will avoid you getting shaky during the process. Do not wear a full face of make up. These are just a couple things to do to make sure your lashes turn out the best.

What should you do when you visit the top salon with affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa? Do not wear strip lashes or use mascara for at least 72 hours before getting your eyelashes done. Arrive on time so you can get your full service with no rush. Please do not chew gum or candy, so you are not wiggling around while we were doing the lashes. We want to make sure you leave satisfied with your lashes. We do have a few key things to do when you visit us so we can give you optimal service. This also allows your lashes to retain longer so you don’t have to keep spending money on fills every week.

Now that you know everything about affordable extensions Tulsa then I’m sure you’ll want to make an appointment. You can visit our website, which has pictures of our work that we provide. We also have a before and aftercare recommendations on our website. We also love to include our clients, so if you look at the testimonials you will see the thousands of clients that love their lashes! Our website is or give us a call at 918-940-2888.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | feel free to take a lash nap!

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa. Our prices are the best in the Tulsa area. If you are looking to get your lashes done, come to our salon. We have a few locations to choose from, which can be closer to where you live so you can save your gas. We also have multiple services to get done at our locations so you can do multiple things in one spot rather than driving around Tulsa. Our clients love our prices and recommend us to you.

Did you know that there are affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa? I bet you didn’t. If you visit a few websites you can tell that getting your lashes done can cost a pretty penny. At our salon we know how it is to want to feel confident, but not have the appropriate amount to spoil ourselves. That’s why we created our business so we can be the best in the area and the most reasonably priced. We also want to make sure that even if you have a budget, you can still spoil yourself.

You can relax and get affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa. We offer recliners and a bed to choose from to get your lashes done. We want you to feel comfortable while laying down for an hour. We want to make sure to satisfy all of our clients and make sure that everyone is happy when leaving. We have the highest reviewed salon in the area. All of our clients have said that we are the best around. They love doing testimonials because it gives them an opportunity to tell others about how amazing we are. We love all of our clients and want to maintain a positive relationship with them.

Our clients vouch for us that we have the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa. When you visit our website and check out the testimonies, you’ll realize that we aren’t lying when we say we are the best. We have amazing and loyal clients that come to us for all their needs. They will even tell you that our prices are amazing for the service we provide. We make sure that we have the most qualified technicians to do your lashes. All of our technicians want to make you feel confident. They love what they do and will perfect every lash.

Come get your lashes done at the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa! We provide multiple services and you can choose which style of lashes you want. Whether it be length or fullness, we got you. When you come in we will map out the lashes with your eyeshape to make sure that the lashes compliment your eyes. We have multiple locations in the area and you can book online. We have plenty of technicians, but know that whoever you choose, they will do a phenomenal job at making your eyes pop. Visit our website at or give us a call at 918-940-2888.

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