If you are looking for the perfect affordable eyelash extension Tulsa studio them visit the one in Brookside. This The Extensionist 918 store is located at 3807 S. Peoria Ave in Tulsa Oklahoma. The Extensionist 918 has multiple locations so to avoid confusion the company has named each location different name. The one in Brookside is named wink. Hence the name, wink provides eyelash extension services. Outside of their eyelash extensions services they also do eyebrow threading. Both services are extremely popular in this area.

If you are looking for the affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa location but do not know the area very well we can provide some Intel for you. Wink is in the middle of Tulsa which makes it very convenient for a lot of our customers as it is a central area for many. It is north of Glenpool and south of Owosso. There is a lot to do in the Brookside area if you have not been. Before after your appointment feel free to go shopping, to the grocery store, to lunch or dinner, or run a few errands. Anything you are looking for you can often find in Brookside.

The most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa company is definitely The Extensionist 918 as I mentioned. Brookside is a very popular location for eyelash extensions installation. The service is great, the prices are affordable, and the atmosphere is enticing. Our clients always leave happy with their lash extensions but as they enter our studio here in Brookside, they automatically are in a better and lighter. Clients love the atmosphere in our studio. The outside of the building is white very modern with some light bulbs hanging to add someone. Inside, it is the same idea of a modern look but some lights and decorations to make it feel more homely and comfortable for clients.

It is made up of mainly neutral colors and not too many decorations or too much going on but the perfect amount. It is nice to keep it simple so our clients do not feel overwhelmed but feel relaxed here. There is always music, laughing, smiling in our building which is contagious. The mood is never down in wink! Outside of the studio, there is a whole foods nearby if you are a fan of the grocery store. It is very popular today and always stays busy in Brookside. There is also a Trader Joe’s nearby which is just as popular and busy. If you don’t want to mess with grocery stores there is a Charles next to the salon.

If you would rather go shopping there is a strip of clothing stores a few blocks down. The stores are very popular name brand brands such as Lulu lemon, urban outfitters, free people. Shopping is a great time killer if you need to kill time before or after your appointment at wink. To book an appointment or for more information on the Brookside area call The Extensionist 918 at 918-940-2888. You can also book an appointment on the Website www.thextensionist918.com is that is easier for you.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Getting To Know The Midtown Location

If you are looking for the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer you can find one of the five The Extensionist 918 locations around the Tulsa area. The Extensionist in Midtown Tulsa is located at 1522 South Harvard Ave. in Tulsa, OK. The Midtown location makes it easy for many people to commute as there are many people in and around this area. If you do not know the area well we can familiarize you with it. There is a lot to do people of this area for many different reasons. Feel free to explore for yourself before or after your appointment at The Extensionist. Ask the team in the salon popular places around it. They will be able to provide you with more information.

There are good restaurant around this affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa location. For example there is a Mexican food restaurant there is also an Einstein’s bagel nearby. If you need to go grocery shopping there is a neighborhood Walmart. There’s also quick trips on every corner if you need to get gas before going home. Next to the extension is is a bakery that is raped about all over town. Go and check it out while you are in the area. There is a church history over as well if you would like to attend a service. Or if you want to hang out outside there is a propped part three streets over. Many people go and write their bikes here, sit outside, fish, play frisbee, or just hang out. There are a lot of dogs here if you are a dog person.

The Extensionist is the most affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer. This is why our clients love us and continue to use our services. We have good pricing, along with quality service and quality staff. Our team is made up of only professionals who specialize in what they do. Our clients love coming to visit us at The Extensionist. There is something in the air in the studio. It is impossible to leave here not in a great moood. We keep the Midtown location be fun. We want clients to feel instantly happy as they walk in.

It is light relaxed side but also positive and exciting. We keep it pretty neutral inside so our clients are not too overwhelmed as the studio does get pretty busy with how many clients are coming in and out. The simplicity of the two core provides a more relaxing experience thoug while the laughter and the chatter from everyone in the studio keeps it vibrant and keeps them lit up.

We want to be excited about the service we are about to provide excited to see the results. We also just want to improve their day altogether. Many clients come in after work and need a pick me up or improvement in their mood. Improve your lashes, improve your mood, and improve your life by coming to The Extensionist in Midtown Tulsa. Visit our website www.thextensionist918.com or call 918-940-2888 to get a hold of us.

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