Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa It’s the best option the market today. We have spent almost a decade perfecting our systems and training so that we can offer a service that is unbeatable with a business model that is truly scalable. Our Salon offers licensing, which means it is more affordable to start, saving you time and money. Get started faster and save money on our start up. we are a growing salon that are looking for driven and have passion for the beauty industry individuals who love the application of System.

Our salon is a by appointment only, luxury service-based business we offer Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa, As well as Current industry techniques and methods to clients including but not limited to, Classic eyelash extensions, hybrid eyelashes extensions, volume eyelash extensions, Mega eyelash extensions, I left tits and lips, are eyebrow services, and permanent cosmetics. Eyelash extensions are applied to each individual eyelash one at a time this allows the client to wear then say Play 24/7 365 days a year. We should natural losses daily selected to be placed everyone to 3 weeks requiring fills for an upkeep on you look.

Not only do we offer Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa, but we also offer extensive training oh, our extensive training ensures that your staff will perform the best possible service every time to keep clients loving your salon. We have spent many years developing a product line consisting of the highest quality to perform services. the salon owners receive exclusive access and discounts to your product line so there is no trial and error guesswork involved. They have mapped out and opening for Eyelash Salon and Spa so that the process is proven and repeatable as a licensed Salon our owners get all tools necessary to start and run a successful beauty salon along with continued dedication and support as needed.

The salon began in 2014 and a small 10 x 10 room with one very uncomfortable for that massage bed. They have said scroll to 5 plus the area locations and 40 employees valuing and aesthetically pleasing environments with relaxing music. They have came a long way. As they continue to expand their looking for like mine is business owners to join them. They’re licensing model is built with the intention of align the license salon owner 2 scale and open multiplication so that they can create more time and freedom in their lives. They’re working on adding permanent Cosmetics to Salon which will enable our salon owners increase in Revenue.

We are different from other Eyelash Salon because our systems allow for hire employee retention, greater client satisfaction and the most affordable start up cost for the business owner. Franchisees are often very strict and do not allow Freedom of Choice when running the business that’s why the cost to start a fight next Eyelash Salon is at least three times as much as our license. License businesses are more flexible and easier to start we are currently the only licensed eyelash extension Salon

If you would like more information about becoming one of our license salons are to be considered for the next to a location please feel free to call us at 918-940-2888. Or you can also look them up online and fill out the contact form on their website so that they could be in touch soon their website is

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Get All The Benefits

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa did not want to just stop at eyelash extensions when we could offer so much more we also offer microblading, permanent make-up, powder brows, combo brows, lip blushing, eyeliner, with the add-on, brow lift and lamination and so much more options! This is really a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. We have a variety of different styles from lash extension from classic to extreme volume to even bold volume there’s so many different ways and styles that we can make your lashes look different all it takes is your input and we get it how you want it.

If you are interested in are lash lifts services is a service that will curl your natural lashes up as if you use an eyelash curler. This can be done with or without tinting them with Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa We recommend this for clients that have naturally long eyelashes and cannot keep extensions on or have an allergy to the extension glue or you were naturally inclined. we do not recommend the service that the client does not how long lashes for its to make a difference because it will be disappointing to see that after your service it has not look like much of a difference. Eyelash with usually last about four to five weeks with proper aftercare.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Not only offers eyelash extensions but we also offer eyebrow threading at the extensionist. We offer eyebrow threading to clean and tame those beautiful brows if you’ve never experienced the feeling after having your lashes done and brows at the same time we recommend experiencing this amazing feeling for yourself. The writing is Emmanuel hair removing technique that originated in India. We use it to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body common areas are the face arms and neck and legs Etc. Compared to waxing some may say that threading can be more painful this is because with thread it gets all of the hairs There are no hairs that are left behind when you get breaded. as opposed to waxing where it will not pull out every hair the first time.

The services that they provide here go above and beyond just eyelash extensions from herricks extensions to browse Services there’s really nothing that you cannot get done when you visit the extensionist. we haven’t already convinced you enough to visit one of our locations in order to get all your beauty needs be sure to look us up online.

There’s so much more that we have to offer you than just eyelash extensions be sure to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about what else Services we provide our number is 918-940-2888. Or you can also find this online on our website where their services are listed

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