You deserve the affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa companies have not been able to provide. The Extensionist 918 was created because we know your struggle. For so long, our team struggled to find a place that offered an affordable eyelash extension service. Many of her team members who work The Extensionist 918 today, also struggled to find a studio to work provided affordable lash services. They do not want to work at companies that essentially rip off their clients.

Our affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa located company took in those honest artists who did not agree with the pricing of many other studios. Now, they work for The Extensionist 918. Not only are they honest and do what is right but they are also amazingly talented at what they do. Each of our artists here are special in different ways and specializes in different styles and techniques. For example, The Extensionist 918 offers the classic style, the natural volume style, the blended style, the bold style, the extreme style, and also the master service.

Upon booking your appointment you can give an idea of the look you are wanting and the perfect stylist will be assigned to you based on your personal preferences. As mentioned, the stylus here can specialize in different areas although, if you request the master service you will be assigned to a ‘master’ who has mastered every style. The stylus worked hard for this title. Therefore, a master service is more expensive than a normal extension service by with these stylus experience and expertise, it is understandable. There are few Masters, they must really prove themselves before receiving this title. For that reason, many clients think the master service is worth the price. Although, The Extensionist 918 still keeps it affordable.

We pride ourselves on great service and results at an affordable price and with the master service you’re getting truly the best treatment results a still affordable price. Our clients have very excited about this. Each style mentioned comes at a different price for the lashes and installation. As you can see, not only is our studio affordable but we give our clients plenty of service options and therefore, pricing options and ranges to choose from. Are numerous options give clients the freedom and power to decide what price they are willing and want to pay for.

This also allows flexibility for many customers; for example, one appointment you are able to have the extreme set stalled and a few weeks later whenever you need a extension fill, you are able to do a classic fill instead of an extreme fill if you wish. A classic fill would be cheaper than a extreme fill because there are fewer lashes being installed. Feel free to change it up throughout fills and appointments. Clients love this as this is just another way The Extensionist 918 makes their services affordable for everyone. Also, feel free to check out The Extensionist 918 website or call 918-940-2888 to talk about pricing ranges and options.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Welcoming All New Clients

If you are struggling to find an affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa company, The Extensionist 918 is the place for you. Here, we promise affordable pricing. We have many different services and as far as lash extensions, we have many different styles. These different services styles all vary in price range. People appreciate this because they are able to find a service or style within their budget, whatever that may be. Therefore, ther is something for you as well here.

Once you have decided to use The Extensionist 918’s affordable eyelash extensions Tulsa company, make sure to get contact with our team professionals so we can get you an appointment as soon as possible. Our studio is very popular therefore stays continuously very busy. Although, we have room for everyone and we always have room for new clients. In fact, we welcome new clients with open arms! You will never be disappointed here; Our artists and technicians work harder than anyone. They have an impeccable work ethic and have mastered their craft.

Here, at this affordable eyelash extensions business, our professionals are not just driven by work. They are also driven by their clients and customers. Its them, you guys, who mean everything to the The Extensionist 918 team. Your happiness and satisfactory means everything to us. Our clients are our pride and joy here as they are the ones out in the community showcasing our business, art, and skills to the world. Our clients are like advertisements for us and we cannot be more grateful. our team and our business values and cares for our clientele more than they know. They truly are the backbone to our business and we will never forget that.

There is not another business on the market today that can compare to us in terms of affordability. We offer you the best prices and always have the best deals, promotion, sales, etc. Make sure to take advantage of these things! You can stay up-to-date with these kind of things through The Extensionist 918 website, by calling the studio, or on our social medias such as in instagram and Facebook. Studio stays very up to date on all of these things. We are constantly updating our website to be the best it can be and make it as easy and simple as possible for our clients and potential clients to navigate.

Our social medias are also frequently updated. Here, they are able to showcase a lot of the work we do. Check out our social medias to see every day client to come in. Many people use our social medias to pick a style or look they want. The stylus has an easier time understanding what you are wanting for whenever they have a visual of it. It is also easier for you to explain away. Therefore, check out The Extensionist 918 social. You are a website to find pricing and service description. Looking appointment on the web if you would like or call the studio at 918-940-2888.

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