The best eyelash extensions Tulsa is nearby is in broken arrow at the flutter salon. Flutter is an extension The Extensionist 918 which also has glo up in the Tulsa area, the extensionist in you also area, in the extensionist the Midtown area. The flutter salon in broken arrow is located at 1722 N. 9th St. The Extensionist 918 focuses on all things beauty; each salon offers something different or in other words, may vary and services. At the flutter salon, they specialize in eyelash extensions and teeth whitening. Therefore these are the services they offer here.

The Extensionist 918 has the best eyelash extensions Tulsa and broken arrow has to offer. The Extensionist 918’s studios have been so popular and had so much success around Tulsa that by popular demand, the company decided to open allocation in broken arrow as well. This has been more convenient for clients in this area to traveling to one of the Tulsa areas for service which became a hassle to keep up with weekly maintenance appointments. Therefore, this broken arrow location was highly appreciated and has been a huge success already. Many clients appreciate the fact that letter offers/ focuses on two services. Doing so allows the technicians here to master the service/ art at hand.

Therefore if you are looking for the best eyelash extensions Tulsa and broken arrow has to offer The Extensionist 918 is the place to go to. They are experts in the lash industry and as mentioned, they also do a professional cosmetic teeth whitening service. Here, cosmetic teeth lightning is $40 and takes about an hour. Many clients feel this service is necessary considering the price and short service time. Therefore, the teeth whitening service is often added onto a client’s lash service, either before or after. Clients appreciate a two and one stop shop!

As far as the teeth whitening service goes, The Extensionist 918 makes note that no one at the studio will be touching your mouth. You will be given the supplies set up at the studio yet you will be the only one handling the mouthpiece and taking it in and out of your mouth. Flutter feels this is the safest and healthiest option. Two to recent health concerns, this makes most customers feel more comfortable. The Extensionist 918 values customer care customer and customer service so they will to it they need to do and take the necessary measures to ensure their clients comfort and satisfactory as this always comes first here.

As far as eyelash extensions, the flutter salon has it all. They have five different styles and services to choose from. The style depends on how intense you are wanting your lash exceptions to be. Price also depends on the intensity which also depends on which style you pick. Although, you can’t go wrong here! If you would like to view the different style options visit The Extensionist 918 website or call 918-940-2888 to book a Lash appointment at the flutter location!

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Affordable Lashes At The Extensionist

If you are in need of the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer you must visit The Extensionist 918. Here, the artist will make the difference that others and not before. They strive to show you the best service in the area. At The Extensionist 918 studio, we really care about our clients and helping them achieve both, their wants and needs; we guarantee to do that! Get in contact with our company today either through the web or by phone. You’ll be able to speak with a professional who can help you with questions he may have, talk you through different services, help you make a decision. As I said, our artists and technicians are professionals and know this business better than anyone else.

We will not waste your time here at the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio it can be difficult to find an affordable lash extension service today, but We offer quality service at a quality price. We care about our clients are always looking to meet people’s however we can. Therefore, we do not overcharge on our services but instead, strive to impress and satisfy our customers. The Extensionist 918 really does value the people who do business with us and we want to show you that appreciation by giving better and more realistic pricing than others in the area.

As I said, we have only the most affordable lash services but also the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer. Why would you go anywhere else? Many clients ask themselves this question after seeing this. Stop wasting your time and come see for yourself; you will ask yourself the same question. You will never be disappointed here at The Extensionist 918 as our team is always going above and beyond to make sure you leave with a smile on your face. We want to give you the confidence boost he may have been looking for. With our team of experts, you will never be disappointed.

In fact, many clients leave with their expectations being exceeded. Not only did they love their service, their technician or artist, their new look, but also the price. Clients beam even brighter upon checking out as they are willing to pay whatever is asked of them after an incredible service yet are shocked at the low price. The Extensionist 918 is by far the most affordable company in the area and maybe even the business. People come from all over to visit us for of course, our quality service and also, our amazing rates.

No one can match us here at The Extensionist 918. We work with the best of the best, people and products both. There is something for everyone here and can help you find that as they helped so many others. We are easy to reach and always looking to show new clients what we are all about. Check out our super affordable pricing on our webpage at After doing so, you will surely want to look appointment so get in contact with us at 918-940-2888.

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