If you’re looking for the best eyelash extensions Tulsa Oklahoma has to offer and then you should visit The Extensionist 918. Aside from eyelash extensions, the studio offers many other services like permanent makeup. A few different options are offered to clients can find what fits them best. Every client customer’s needs and wants are different. Therefore clients really appreciate the variety of choices and styles. Simplify your life and save yourself time by getting permanent makeup today!

The best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio can help enhance your natural look using permanent makeup. These services can bring out your natural features while making them pop more. Permanent makeup can also simplify your life and routine. Do you wake up early to get ready or rush home to get ready or stress at all about being ready on time? Many women do. Therefore they often rush to not be late or inconvenience others. They may be ready to walk out the door on time although, they may not feel they look their best. Are you missing something? Did you miss a step? You probably forgot your lipstick. Permanent makeup is the perfect solution.

The Extensionist 918, the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio wants you to feel and look your best at all times, rushed or not. You’ll never be rushed again with permanent makeup. Instead of feeling bare or sloppy because you were rushing to finish your makeup routine, you will already be ready because you will stay ready with permanent makeup! Every woman who has permanent makeup is happy with their choice and says it simplifies their beauty routine drastically. It will simplify your life in general. If you have a busy schedule or life, the last thing you’re worried about or want to do is spend time on makeup. The Extensionist 918 gives you a way to do both, look good while not having to worry about it. It truly is the definition of effortless.

A few different permanent eyebrow makeup options are offered at The Extensionist 918. There is a browse option, combination browse, or a powder and operating browse option. The browse option consists of a machine that perform individual hair like strokes to create the appearance of individual eyebrows. The studio says this machine and method is much less invasive than micro-bleeding is. Micro-blading is performed with a needle needle that permanently tattoos eyebrow hair like strokes into the skin underneath the eyebrows. The powder and hombre browse option uses the same machine as the browse option to create air like strokes with more shading involved that the browse option. The combination brows option appears darker and fuller as the browse shape is mainly shaded in. This option appears more solid.

Prices vary from $325 to $400 for these services. They require quality work which takes quality time so these appointments are three to four hours long. As mentioned, clients love having a variety to choose from in order to attain their perfect look. If you want to find a look that works for you visit The Extensionist 918’s website at www.thextensionist918.com or call 918-940-2888 to speak to a permanent makeup artist.

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Booking Online Made Simple

At the best eyelash extensions Tulsa, Oklahoma location, booking an appointment online is made easy. Start by visiting The Extensionist 918 website at www.thextensionist918.com. Once the webpage has loaded you will see the page. It is full information such as eyelash services, eyebrow services and hair services. There are many different links to choose from. Although, to put an appointment online click on the tab that says book now on the very top of the page. Once you click book now it will give you two location options; flutter in broken arrow or glo up in Tulsa.

Both locations are great but if you are specifically looking for the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer then the Tulsa location is for you. Below the Tulsa option click where it says, book here. To do this you will be transferred to another page. Once the page loads, was see a relaxing and clean webpage with a white background and little pink accents. You will see at the top left where it says hello which is the Tulsa The Extensionist 918 location. You should also see at the top it says services with options to scroll through below.

As you scroll through the best eyelash extensions Tulsa location, you will see the variety of services The Extensionist 918 has to offer. Consultations, education, eyebrows, eyelashes, facials, permanent makeup, and hair extensions, all fall under the services being offered at this salon. After consultations you will see a fibro blast consultation booking option. This is the only consultation option available because it is required to proceed with the fibroblast treatment. Although, if you call the studio you are able to schedule a consultation for any service you need further information on. Under education, licensed individuals are able to book a fundamental eyelash extensions course.

Under eyebrows, clients can book a brow lamination as an individual service or as The Extensionist 918 says, a la carte. The second eyebrow service available is a brow lamination with a tint and a wax as well. The eyelash extension services/ styles offered consist of a blended extended fill, a blended fill, a blended full set, a bolt extended fill, a bold fill, a bold set, a classic bill, a classic fill set, in extreme extended fill, an extreme fill, an extreme full set, a master extended fill, a master fell, a masterful set, a natural volume extended fill, a natural volume fill, or a natural volume full set. You can also book an appointment for eyelash extension removal. Also under eyelash services, is a lash lift or a lash lift with a tint.

Online at www.thextensionist918.com you can also facial. The Extensionist 918 has to facials to offer; the deluxe both facial or the derma plane facial. Last, are able to book a permanent makeup appointment. The Extensionist 918 specializes in permanent eyebrow makeup and offer three different style options; brows, powder and hombre brows, and combination browse (powder and nano.) Go book your service through the website provided today or call 918-940-2888 if you are unable to do so online.

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