The Extensionist 918 is the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio in the area. They so many services available to their customers although they do specialize in eyelash extensions. They have five different styles and techniques to choose from you all of them can be somewhat customized. Clients love this aspect as the lashes are made to fit them. Glue on eyelashes are difficult for many reasons. One, the glue does not hold for a long period of time. Second, because the lashes come on one solid strip, they often do not fit right. The strip is either two or two short therefore is often noticeably fake. It is also difficult to hide the strip as it is glued on to the eye lid. It can also be hard to blend your natural lashes with the glued on eyelash strip.

The best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer are here, at The Extensionist 918. Eyelashes Are a great alternative to false, glue on, strip lashes. They tend to blend better with your natural lashes since they are being attached directly to individual lashes instead of being glued to the eyelid. Extensions also stay longer because the technician uses surgical glue to attach them to your lashes. This glue as you can imagine, is so strong. It is waterproof and basically life prove to ensure you can continue your daily activities without having to worry about your lashes. The fall strip lashes are constantly coming loose or falling off. You also do not have to deal with the installation process with eyelash extensions as you do with false glue on lashes. You get to lay down and relax during your installation or fill appointment while the technician does the work for you instead of struggling to get the lash correctly or in the right place for them to fall off an hour later. The lash extensions hold on for weeks.

Proving to be the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer, The Extensionist 918 has a master eyelash extension option. Every technician here is amazing although there are a few experts. At the studio, those who have the most experience and in turn, have mastered eyelash extension installation are considered a master.

If you would rather have the expert/ master apply your eyelash extension, you are able to schedule a full set installation or a fill appointment with them. You are guaranteed to have flawless results in doing so. The master consists of a classic, blended, or bold option.
As you can, an appointment with a master is more expensive than a regular installation or fill appointment would normally be.

A master full set is $185 and takes about just under two hours to install. A master fill appointment is a $65 and takes about an hour. The master extended fill (a more intense fill) is $125 and takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Clients say the pricing is totally worth it! If you would like to receive your master full set of extensions call 918-940-2888 to reach The Extensionist 918 or visit

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Lash & Hair Extensions in Midtown

You can find the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer at The Extensionist 918. This company has multiple locations around the area and each location. There is flutter in broken arrow, glo up is in South Tulsa, the extensionist is in Midtown Tulsa, and the other extensionist is in Owosso. All of these locations have great reviews and offer similar services. Although, they each vary some in regards to their services offered and specialties.

For example, the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has available at the any of the The Extensionist 918 locations. Although, the extensionist this location in Midtown located at 1522 S Harvard Ave in Tulsa, offers and specializes in eyelash extensions as well as hair extensions. The studio is dedicated to all things extensions which is why it was named The Extensionist- Midtown. On The Extensionist 918 website you can access the Midtown location by clicking the book downtown on the main home screen. After doing so, a list of the four locations mentioned will come up. Click says the extensionist Midtown. You should be redirected to a screen specifically for the Midtown location that says services at the top.

On the screen, you can view the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has available. The webpage is very simple making it easy to view and understand the options available. Easy to book an appointment as the entire background is white except for the block below each service description, that says book. You cannot miss the ‘book’ blocks as they are the dark-colored object on the screen. Although There is a lot of information on the screen, potential customers are not likely to be overwhelmed because it is very organized and simply put. There is a variety of different eyelash extension appointment you can book on the screen.

The Extensionist 918 offers five different sets or styles of lash extension installations and a variety of lash extension fill appointment as well. As you scroll towards the bottom after viewing all of the eyelash appointment options, you will see they are extensions section. Here, there are four different options regarding the hand-tied hair extensions. There is a one hour hand-tied hair extension consultation to book for free, there is a one row hair extension move up appointment, along with a two row move up appointment, and a three row move up appointment.

Clients prefer different amounts of rows put in. It is a personal preference depending on how thick you want your hair to be the end or what look you are going for. To move up a single row of extensions it is $75 and takes about one hour, two rows is $150 and takes about two hours, and three rows is $225 and takes almost 3 hours. As you can see, with each row you add your charge $75 more and add an hour to your installation time. If you wish to book an eyelash or hair extension appointment with The Extensionist 918 you can do so through or call 918-940-2888.

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