When it comes to the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studios have to offer you can really only find that at The Extensionist 918 in Tulsa Oklahoma. We have various locations spread around the area so there is no need for you to go anywhere else. We have opened these multiple locations to make it convenient for our clients; there is likely a studio location by you for your convenience as well. We really care about doing is best for our customers and clients. They are the reason we do what we do and love doing it! Join our clientele family here at The Extensionist 918 today.

Here at The Extensionist 918, the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, we only offer you the best service. We do not settle and neither should you. We are always looking to improve in any way we can. Therefore, we love hearing our client’s feedback and do not have just one way of doing things. You are not just another clients or in and out appointment to our business. We value you and enjoy making personal connections with our customers. Join us today and you will never go anywhere else again. Come in today, even if it is just to test it out. Many current clients have done this and always returning, and eventually have appointment scheduled months in advance.

Affordability is key here, at the best eyelash extensions Tulsa salon. Other salons do not always focus on this. Others care about doing a good job and making their clients happy so then, they can over charge the service yet it seems reasonable because of the quality time and work. Here, we promise only the best work but would never overcharge our clients. Many women, come in looking for a little confidence boost or to treat themselves. Our team never wants to see a client smiling from ear to ear as she looks in the mirror and reviews our work only to drop that smile she sees number on the cash register. As a business, we would be doing something wrong our client left without a smile on their face for any reason.

We are here to treat you and make you feel beautiful and special, as you should. Our team is full of great people who have no problem doing this. Not only are they great at what they do so you will love your results but there also awesome people you will enjoy meeting and being around. This is so important to The Extensionist 918 as this keeps a of clients coming back. Of course it is important to focus on the service and quality of the service at hand but here, we also believe it is so important to create an atmosphere clients want to be in or return to.

Our staff here at The Extensionist 918 plays a big part in creating this welcoming, comfortable, positive, happy atmosphere. We are so thankful for that and their talents. Stop by one of our locations today to see for yourself, visit www.thextensionist918.com, or call 918-940-2888.

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | The Extensionist 918 Locations Breakdown

The Extensionist 918 installs the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has to offer for millions of clients a day. We have five different studios in and around the Tulsa area. Each studio offer similar but also different services depending on the needs and wants of the area. There is a The Extensionist 918 location in broken arrow, Owosso, and three locations around Tulsa; one in the main Tulsa area, one in Midtown, and one in Brookside.

Often times our clients who want the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has will use the various stores for different services depending on who and where they prefer for each service. As I mentioned, the service is very depending on the location. For example, a client may go to the Midtown location for their hair extensions because we offer/extension and hair extension services here. Then they may go to the main Tulsa location on Memorial Drive for a facial as we offer different spa services here such as hydro-facials and derma plane facials. At the Brookside location, some clients will go to their eyelash extension appointment and before hand or afterwards get their eyebrows threaded while they are there.

You can find the best eyelash extensions Tulsa, Owosso, in broken arrow has by visiting a The Extensionist 918 location. If you are wondering what services are provided which locations we have all the information for you; starting at the flutter salon in broken arrow, we provide eyelash extension services as well as a professional teeth whitening service. Many clients do both services while they are already here for another. Next, the extensionist studio and Owosso focuses only on eyelash extensions. Clients appreciate the simplicity of this. The artist here also amazing at eyelash extension as it is their main focus all day.

At the glo up spa on Memorial Drive in Tulsa, offers the most services out of the five locations; here, you can book a eyelash extensions course if you are wanting to learn from the experts at The Extensionist 918. If a fibroblast treatment, a derma plan treatment, and a hydro-facial. At glo up, you can also get permanent makeup which is applied on the eyebrows. Speaking of eyebrows, is also get your eyebrows laminated, tinted, and waxed here. Last, like many of the other The Extensionist 918 locations you can also make an eyelash extensions appointment at this location.

Wink, The Extensionist 918’s location in Brookside does both eyelash and eyebrow services; these services include eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. Lastly, our Extensionist location in Midtown offers eyelash services such as eyelash extensions as well as lash lists, and tints. Here, we also offer hand-tied hair extension installation and move ups. As you know, all of our locations offer eyelash extensions; the same eyelash extension services and styles are available at each The Extensionist 918 location. Visit our website at www.thextensionist918.com to review the services offered at each location or call 918-940-2888 for any additional questions. Find a location that works for you and join us today!

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