The Extensionist 918,  is the Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa studio, has amazing services to offer you your friends and your family today! They can do it all and are growing every day. Always adopting new clientele, services, stylists, technicians, etc. this helps keep The Extensionist 918 fresh and now as they’re always following the trends which places their customers and clients. It is so to stay up to date in this industry. People are always wanting the latest trends so the studio stays ahead of them!

Here, at the best eyelash extensions Tulsa location there are an enormous variety of flash installation options. It depends on what style of the client is wanting but rest assured, The Extensionist 918 has an option for you. The first option is a blended full set which is a mixture of both classic and volume eyelash extensions which is the perfect plan to create a natural look that stands out. A blended fill and extended fill, also consist of classic and volume extensions both to maintain the initial blended full set installed. Next is the bold full set extensions. This style will provide a lot of volume. It is a more dramatic look than the blended set but the most dramatic appearing style. This is a great in between/ in the middle set to get. The bold fill and the bold extended fill are used to replenish the initial bold full set.

The best eyelash extensions Tulsa has two offer is the classic full set at The Extensionist 918. The classic style is the most natural looking set. Thin, single extensions are attached to each individual lash to add a little more link for volume. This look often gives people the little boost they needed without it being too intense. A classic fill is used to refill this set of extensions. Last, there is the extreme full set. Just like its name, these lashes are extreme! Many clients do not start with this set eventually find themselves wanting more, more, more and eventually upgrade to the extreme set.

Once you pick the lash style/ service like installed, you can work with your technician to pick the perfect length and width to match either your natural lashes or to better achieve the look you are looking for. Therefore, you must pick the style/ service you are wanting but they are all customizable to fit your ideas. At any point, for whatever reason, The Extensionist 918 also does eyelash extension removals. Some people’s eyes did not react well to the extensions or the glue and may get irritated and need to be removed. Others, simply want a break from their lashes. They do require some maintenance and keep. Some clients find it helpful to take a break from their eyelash extensions every once in a while to allow their natural eyelashes to breathe.

The Extensionist 918 offers the Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa on the market today and only hires the best of the best technicians to work on clients. The studio strives for and has reached perfection. Love your lashes today by calling 918-940-2888 to book an appointment. To review the styles visit

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | The Extensionists Lash Styles

You will find the best eyelash extensions Tulsa has at The Extensionist 918. The studio has a wide variety of flashes from link with and styles. There are a few different lash services to pick from although you can never go. Each lash style can be made to fit your wants and needs. You will not leave the studio displeased or happy because The Extensionist 918’s number one priority is customer service. They highly value their customer’s and appreciate their business and loyalty.

Here at the best eyelash extensions Tulsa location, you can enhance your eyelashes and eyes with any style of eyelash extensions The Extensionist 918 has to offer. You can go with a more subtle look or bold to look or somewhere in between. You can choose a length that matches your natural lashes for a more natural look or you can go with a extra long length to stand out. You can do little volume to give your eyes a little pop or you can do a full volume look for a dramatic effect. You can also decide how curled you want your lash extensions to be. They can be made to match with your eyelashes natural curl or be made to crawl upwards giving you a natural lash curled that many people work so hard for using lash curlers. Each client has a different vision the studio helps them to achieve.

At the best eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, a first-time client will have a full set of eyelash extensions installed. There are four different sets to choose from; the classic full set, the blended full set, the bold full set, or the extreme full set. The classic site is the most natural and the extreme set is the most bold. The blended set and the bold set are somewhere in the middle; the blended set gives the same natural that the classic that does except gives more of a layering or feathery look. The bold set is similar to the extreme set with a little less intensity.

After the initial full set is installed, a client will come in every few weeks to get a touchup which is called a fill. At this appointment, the technician will replace any extensions that have fallen out or grown out between appointments. Each style and service varies in price and length; Every full set installation takes about two hours, and extended fill takes about an hour and a half, and a regular fill is often just under one hour. Pricing varies more though as it depends the amount of lashes you are wanting installed; To begin, the classic full set is $85, the blended full set cost hundred and $110, the bold full set cost $135, And the extreme set cost $225.

As you can see the Boulder the lashes the more expensive they are but they are worth it! Visit The Extensionist 918 website at decide what style is right for you and then call 918-940-2888 to claim your appointment.

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