It is proven that the best eyelash extensions Tulsa Salon have the title of Oklahoma’s highest-rated and most-reviewed eyelash extension Studio salon. Offering services such as eyelash extensions, brow threading, permanent makeup, hair extensions, and so much more, we know that there is going to be something for everyone whenever you book an appointment with us today. With over five locations in the state as well as the expansion of our business, we have franchising options available if you are interested in doing some business with us. We are very excited to provide you with a service that is Top Notch and quality as well as accessible.

You may ask which location of ours serves the best eyelash extensions Tulsa? Our five locations include Tulsa, South Tulsa, midtown, Brookside, Owasso, and Broken Arrow. It does not matter where you are in the Tulsa community, there is going to be a salon to give you the best lashes possible pretty much on every corner of the city. You will experience recliners and beds that will give you the most relaxing experience for the confidence-boosting experience you deserve. If you do decide to take a nap during your last session, then you will be just fine as we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

The mission of our Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Salon is to provide the best techniques possible in an industry that is ever-evolving and competitive. Although we are trying to be the number one Salon in the area, we prioritize quality services and staff over the coolest new trends. We like to go above and beyond for each of our clients and we hope to show you that today whenever you schedule your appointment online with us. There is a reason we have a five-star rating on google, and we suggest that you view the details to find out yourself today.

You may want to figure out which type of eyelash extension you can receive, and there are so many! If you are wanting a more dramatic style, you can get that. If you are wanting a more natural look, then you are going to love the classic set that is only $125 at the moment. If you want something in the middle to give you a Glam look that is not easily detected as false flashes, then you were going to be a hybrid client as there are different sizes and lengths of individual lashes on your eye to give you a flirty, but subtle look that will have people wondering if they are yours or not.

We ask that you visit us online and check out all of our testimonials as well as the details of our five-star ratings whenever you go online to our website at today. Check out our different services and if you have any questions, please give us a call at the number 918-940-2888 as we will love to book an appointment with you online or over the phone. Come check out why we are Oklahoma’s highest-rated and most-reviewed Salon in the area and we think you will be able to figure that out pretty quickly.

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Lashes in Oklahoma

It is only obvious that the Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Salon is going to be the salon that offers a class for only $125. It is a no-brainer to make an appointment with Oklahoma’s highest rated and most-reviewed eyelash extension studio and salon. With a variety of services, we know that we are going to be able to satisfy you no matter what you are wanting to book. Whenever you give us a call today to book your appointment, you can ask about any more services and we are going to be more than happy to give you as much information as possible but to show you why our customer service is top tier in this industry.

You may wonder how you are supposed to prepare for the best eyelash extensions Tulsa appointment and not only will our customer service Representatives help you with that, but we will share some Pro tips that can help you with your appointment. You are required to not wear strip lashes for at least 72 hours as the glue from the lashes can prevent these individual lashes to stay on long. We recommend not to drink caffeine the day of as it is a long process and we do not want you to be jittery in the chair where the makeup artist cannot give you the best experience possible.

For the best Aftercare best eyelash extensions Tulsa guidance, we will recommend that you do not wet your lashes for up to 24 hours after you receive them. You want the glue to remain tacky and the adhesive to fully stick to your lash line and getting your lashes wet after it will ruin the process. You will have to retire the strip lashes as you are not able to wear them once we have received your extensions. Go ahead and set them to the side for a few months and if you are not able to book an appointment to fill your lashes, then you will be able to use them again.

Avoiding touching your lashes seems like a no-brainer, but many would be surprised that this is part of your Aftercare instructions. This could cause your lashes to fall out and be ripped apart and we can imagine that that is not what you want to happen. We offer different colors for lash sets from black to brown, all depending on your preference and opinion. If you are wanting more of a natural look, we suggest Brown. If you are wanting more of a Glam look, we recommend black. Overall, you are going to love your lash look and we guarantee that you are going to have the most pampered experience possible.

There is no other time than now to go to our website online at to see all of our before and after pictures, testimonials, and the details of our ratings behind why we are the best Salon in the state. Whenever you give us a call today at the number 918-940-2888 you will see how amazing our customer service truly is whenever we help you book your appointment. Be sure to mention your classic set for $125 and ask us how you can save so much money on your first brow threading experience when you give us a call.

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