Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Why would we stop at eyelash extensions when we could offer so much more we also offer microblading, permanent make-up, powder brows, combo brows, lip blushing, eyeliner, with the add-on, brow lift and lamination and so much more options! This is really a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. We have a variety of different styles from lash extension from classic to extreme volume to even bold volume there’s so many different ways and styles that we can make your lashes look different all it takes is your input and we get it how you want it.

Are classic technique is one of our Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa This technique is performed using single extensions that are attached to one thing on natural eyelash at a time. See flashes while Superlight are thicker than volume lashes. This is because we are only attaching one to each Lash while volume attached is multiple classic is notoriously known as the most natural look, but this is not always true depending on the length and curl that you choose this can also be a dramatic option we can recommend this option for people that have healthy or full natural option lashes. This is because only one lash is attached to one natural lash if you have shorter weaker, thinner lashes, a volume option would be best for you.

We also offer Blended Roshes this is a combination of two techniques classic and volume. We also traditionally known as hybrid, Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa offer this set and many others. such as the natural volume this technique is the application of volume fan. It smaller mouth to create natural fluffy look this would be a good selection for a client that had more sparse thin or weak lashes to create a doctor last line. There are also many different lash sizes and heaviness according to your lashes and how healthy or unhealthy they are your lash artist will depend on what curl to use that fits the best. The natural to volume there’s really so much lashes that you could get done have you feeling like a brand new person when you walk out of this store.

If you are interested in are lash lifts services is a service that will curl your natural lashes up as if you use an eyelash curler. This can be done with or without tinting them. We recommend this for clients that have naturally long eyelashes and cannot keep extensions on or have an allergy to the extension glue or you were naturally inclined. we do not recommend the service that the client does not how long lashes for its to make a difference because it will be disappointing to see that after your service it has not look like much of a difference. Eyelash with usually last about four to five weeks with proper aftercare.

If you have any more questions about the services that we provide feel free to give us a call and we look forward to helping you meet your needs at 918-940-2888. Or you can also look us up online on our website at

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Eyebrow Threading

Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Not only do we offer eyelash extensions but we also offer eyebrow threading at the extension is. We offer eyebrow threading me to clean and tame those beautiful brows if you’ve ever experienced the feeling after having your lashes done and bras at the same time we recommend experience being this amazing feeling for yourself. The writing is Emmanuel hair removing technique that originated in India. We use it to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body common areas are the face arms and neck and legs Etc. Compared to waxing some may say that threading can be more painful this is because with thread it gets all of the hairs There are no hairs that are left behind when you get breaded. as opposed to waxing where it will not pull out every hair the first time.

Waxing over the same area multiple times is not recommended it can cause some serious damage. Other factors include the temperature of the wax, allergies just certain ingredients, and mistakes made by the technician. That is why at Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa we are both reading because it does not share the same risk as it is just a piece of thread. No chemicals are he I’ve used in the process so there are no risk for reactions are burnt. Here will not be removed unless the string of people this is very forgiving I like watch that can actually recover too much here causing an unwanted and that can’t be fixed. Writing offers a more precise clean bra when compared to Waxing or threading service can be added onto any service for a quick beautiful fix that you’ll love.

If you haven’t experienced the threading your lashes before at the Best Eyelash Extensions Tulsa you should definitely check it out. As it is a safe yet painful way to remove unwanted hair from your body we will leave you feeling your best when you leave our facility. There is nothing that we like more than the fact we are allowed to help you so beautiful and we play a roll and making you feel good about yourself. that is what we try for at our facility is making others feel good about how they look and that is why the people that we Hire Love what they do and do what they do at the passion and not just a hobby. There is so much more that we can provide for you then just our lash services if you allow us to!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call about the services we provide and any questions you may have about what we do or what we are willing to teach you can reach us at 918-940-2888. Or you can also find us online on our website at

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