Flutter broken arrow eyelash extensions has a goal mission to not only stay current, but also to go above and beyond delivering quality services and exponential training to our clients and our staff. You can see the difference for yourself every single time that you use our wonderful services. We are Oklahoma’s highest rated, and most Google reviewed eyelash extension, studio and salon. We can’t wait to help you get to embrace and enhance your natural beauty. We have a no-brainer offer of a one dollar brow threading service to new and existing clients.

What services are offered at broken arrow eyelash extensions? We offer a range of eyelash extensions and eyelash lift services, eyebrows services, and hair extension services. We specialize in our eyelash extensions. We offer, classic, eyelash, extensions, blended, hybrid, eyelash, extensions, bold, volume, eyelash, extensions, mega volume, extreme, eyelash, extensions, Hydro facials, powder ombre brows, microblading, combo, browse, combat, lip, blushing, fibroblast and more! We believe that your procedure should be a very very relaxing experience. We are often known to hear from her clients that they refer to their appointments as their nap time.

What is the history of broken arrow eyelash extensions? We started with eyelash extensions and broken arrows in 2014. Ever since we have grown a multitude of locations and other services. We have cell Tulsa, midtown, Tulsa, broken arrow, Brookside, and Owosso. We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking for the best price with quality extensions that you could possibly get, we are here for you. We have extensively trained and very professional licensed medical professionals. At Fluter we are a small local business that serves Tulsa and surrounding areas. We have amazingly talented and hard-working women that absolutely love what they do. Come take a nap and we will work our magic.

We have a goal on a mission to provide you with the best possible services that bring out all of your natural beauty with the best possible techniques and skills available. We are always evolving and improving our skills and learning new tactics and everything we can about any league, trends, or styles to make everything better for our clients. We truly do go above and beyond for each and everyone of you. We know we are the best eyelash extension services that Tulsa has to offer so don’t miss out on us today. You can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated the most google reviewed eyelash extensions, studio, and salon today.

Visit us online at https://thextensionist918.com/ to view client testimonials, if you are services, learn more about us, and where. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. You can fill out a form on her time to book today. Experience in Oklahoma tire tread animals google reviewed eyelash extensions, studio and salon today. We have a no-brainer offer when you could’ve bought bread for only one dollar per new existing client. We can’t wait to help you and patient natural beauty today.


Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | $1 Brow Thread

At flutter broken arrow eyelash extensions we are the best! You can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed eyelash extension, studio and salon with over five locations across Oklahoma. Being a business in 2014 they have been making eyelash dreams come true. You can get a no-brainer offer of your brow threaded first time for only one dollar and this is good for a new and existing client. We are here to help you embrace and enhance your natural beauty.

How does permanent makeup in broken arrow eyelash extensions work? Our clinic is fully licensed and insured and practices under a licensed physician that is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. We only offer our permanent make up at one location and it is 80% memorial. We have been certified to train in 10 separate areas a permanent cosmetics. We offer free consultations, but it is not a requirement. Unless you have had previous make up of that wasn’t applied by this clinic that required consultation is needed. We offer micro blading, powder, brows, lip, brushing, and eyeliner services out at the South hotel location. We recommend that you do a color touchup every one to two years.

What permanent makeup does broken arrow eyelash extensions offer? We offer micro been eating, which is a manual technique that is then used to create hair like strokes throughout the entire brow. This is awesome for people that want a natural brow. We do powder brows which are performed with a permanent makeup machine to create more brown makeup look brown. We have combo browse, which is a combination of micro blading and powder usually would you like reading at the front and powder in the back. We have a lip blushing. This is great for a pinch flush look. Creating a younger parents. This is not intended to replace lipstick and it does not make your lips bigger.

We offer eyeliner or eyelash enhancement, and this is intended for Orkin, your lash line and to replace the daily use of eyeliner. You can add a wispy add onto any of your eyelashes extension to give any more strap lash look. We offer a brow, lift and lamination and it’s the same thing used in lashless. Both of these services enhance what you already have by resulting in bigger, bolder brows without permanent make up.

You can visit us online at https://thextensionist918.com/ to view client testimonials, check out all of our services that aren’t going to die about each, and everyone that we offer, you can learn more about us in the history of flutter. We have a time on our website where you can fill out a form and book now. You can follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.
By calling 918-940-2888 you can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated M as Google reviewed eyelash extension studio and salon. We offer the best of the best and we can’t wait to enhance your natural beauty today. Don’t miss out on a no-brainer offer of $125 classic full set of eyelash extensions at F1 dollar brow thread that is good for new and existing clients

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