The extensionist 918 is the most phenomenal broken arrow eyelash extensions company that you will find. They are very clean, professional, and have the most beautiful aesthetics inside of their place. This gives our client so excited whenever they give it a look at appointment. They truly feel like they are being pampered while they are here. Bring headphones listen to music, feel free to listen to a podcast, or whatever suits you best. Come to your appointment ready for great attitudes, great staff, and a group of eyelash technician to actually teach you like family. We truly care about each and every one of our clients and we love to get to know you. Nothing is worse than going to receive a service from a particular company in your treated like you are “just a customer”. We want you to be happy. Book with us today.

We specialize in broken arrow eyelash extensions although we offer other services as well. This means that you could come here and get your eyelash extensions nine as well as other services to enhance your natural beauty. You visit our website a look at all the different service options that we have available for you, or you can feel free to give us a call. It is truly up to your preference. Either way those you will be treated with respect, care, you concerned Bobby addressed and answered. One of the main questions that we receive very often is our eyelash extensions a good idea for me? Believe it or not, meaning women wear strip lashes and asked this question as well. Equally, women who do not wear lashes and all want to know if they are a good candidate for eyelashes. Well, this is a great question!

If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for our broken arrow eyelash extensions company then consider a few things. If you have a hard time not touching of collinear lashes this may or may not be a good idea for you. Unless this works for you because you are more conscious that she has stayed hard earned money on your lashes a you can not to tamper with them as much then this will be a great idea. You want to keep in mind a party or plumbing you don’t know where any heavy makeup, you want to make sure that you don’t have any caffeine during your appointment, and that you are a stay for the full duration of the process. Out side of the rules and regulations, eyelash extensions are not painful.

After your lashes have been completing your aftercare process will include avoiding the attention your eyelashes with your fingertips. Use a brush provided with your service in order to adjust eyelashes and do not rub or put on the extensions. You want away way very heavy makeup on your eyes. This will affect retention and cause buildup that will affect your future feels. Do not touch her eyelashes. If an eyelashes too long or starting to grow give us a call. In your extensions and eyelashes once a day with a cleanser that was May for eyelashes extensions. Please do not use baby shampoo.

If you have a additional questions, comments, concerns for us to give us a call today. We will be happy to answer a further question that you have about your eyelash extensions and the aftercare process. The aftercare process is what is going to guarantee you the longest wear. Maintain your eyelash extensions my having a field every two weeks or whatever you have 50% or more of your eyelash extensions steel left. Do not wish to lashes in between appointments. Gives the call at 918-940-2888, or feel free to visit us by going to

Why Are The Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions The Most Wanted?


Are you in need of a good broken arrow eyelash extensions tech? Find the correct text for use in the difficult process. As so many people who can view eyelash extensions with a man out of the way that you like for them to be done. Want to find someone who can do the eyelashes how you like them to be done and then you have two narrow down the process with how long the eyelashes actually last in the quality of service. We think it’s a consideration of factors like how is environmentally related to the eyelash extension facility. You consider rather you felt that you agree it in a friendly manner and appreciated for your service. Last but not least you consider the pricing and if they were able to execute what was expected. A lot of times this falls back on experience, and what training methods are implemented by that facility.

One thing that we can ensure you about flutter broken arrow eyelash extensions company is that we do an extensive check to make sure that your eyelash tech is well trained. Oklahoma does not require offer eyelash extension services. However, as a brand our clients really matter to us. We make sure that each and every one of our technicians has one out of the two of a cosmetology license or an aesthetician license. After we have crossed that background checking process, we make sure they are trained in-house. This will ensure that each every one of our eyelash technicians are giving you the quality service that you truly deserve. We make sure they go under an extensive training with our actual company to make sure Providing you with nothing less than perfection. This process can take an eyelash technician in between two weeks up until two months of practice.

At our broken arrow eyelash extensions facility we truly believe in the same that practice makes perfect. If you are wanting the best priced eyelash extension service that is going to equally give you amazing service then you want to work with us. Sometimes you find eyelash extension companies that do really well but they are overpriced. Work with a company that is going to give you a common balance in your finances and convenience that you be me. Please see our service manual page to see that debt of all of the different eyelash extension options that we have for you. This will allow you to make sure you choose the option that best fits you. We recommend that if you are new to Wayne eyelashes that you choose a natural or semi natural look first.

As you get more acquainted with way eyelash extensions than most people tend to increase to one of the more heavy volume Lash options. We are all here to serve the greater Tulsa area with the best possible services that we can provide you. You come into our shop you always experience a friendly and calm environment. Our environment is so peaceful that many of our clients go to sleep while getting her eyelashes done. Bring your earphones or ear pods to listen to a podcast, music, or a video that you like.

Relax while you get pampered. If you have any additional questions for anyone in our company that you’re free to give us a call. We are super advanced in our knowledge with eyelash extensions and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We will go above and beyond for our clients. We take pride in offering the best eyelash extension services with great attitude. If you would like to contact one of us you can reach us at 918-940-2888. Otherwise, feel free to visit our website today at

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