Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is one of oklahomas most highest rated and most reviewed eyelash salon in our area. If youre wondering why its because we offer so much more than eyelashes as well as giving you quality services with a one of a kind experience to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us here at our five different locations throughout the oklahoma area! We offer full sets of lashes from classic to volume sets and everything in between! You wont be disappointed when you book with us for your next appointment!

One of the many services that we offer here at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is our classic set of lashes. A classic set of lashes is individual lashes that are a little bit thicker then the average extensions. Get placed over your natural lashes one by one in order to create a more fuller look this is usually considered the more natural look when it comes to extensions. Each of your natural lash bed will get a individual lash one by one on each of the lashes until they are able to get the look that you love, typically a more natural look!

Another one of our services that we provide and usually the more popular one here at our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions location is the volume set of lashes. This is several thinner lashes that are equipped together in order to make what looks like a fan in order to achieve a more fuller and give you the bold look that most of us love! That is why lashes are so unique in the sense where you can do just about anything with the looks and always have a set that will match that specifics persons preference and aesthic. We cant go wrong when everyones winning! There is so many different styles to choose from why stop at volume when we can also do mega volume, bold volume, and so much more a volume set is just the beginning .

To each their own when it comes to lash extensions and everyone has their own preference. Theres so much more that can be done with lashes its just the beginning of our services. From our classic set, to our hybrid set which i did not mention yet, to our volume set. We dont just stop at one! We want to get the look that is just right for you and the way you want it! If you dont like the outcome the first time and either want to go bolder or more natural dont worry! We got you covered and can fix it at your next fill appointment that way you dont have to pay for a whole new set!

If you or anyone you know is interested in the services we have to offer you or have any questions feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. You can also find us online on our website at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Brow threading

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions did not just stop at everything lashes! Why stop there? There is so much more to the beauty industry and we want everything to do with it ALL! That is why we didnt just stop at eyelash extensions instead we kept growing and expanding our horizons and now we can offer you a service such as our brow threading service! We love that this is one of the many services we provide not just because its a quick and efficient way to clean your brows but because we also offer it to you for $1 for your first time if you book with us! Thats right we offer just a $1 eyebrow threading service for new or returning clients for all genders! Book yours now.

We arent just a Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon we have so much more to offer in all of your beauty needs. We are a one stop shop for you. We want you to walk in and walk out a whole brand new person and to remember who and what your capable of when you book any of your services with us! That is why we offer our eyebrow threading service for just $1 for your first time because you cannot go wrong when you come in here for lash extensions and leave here with not just new lashes but your eyebrows on fleek too! ( yea i said fleek, is that still in?) adding our eyebrow threading service to your appointment is a great way to feel good about yourself in your own skin and allow the opportunity to let us make you feel good!

Our eyebrow threading service that we offer here at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is a nice and easy way to get you looking great in your own skin! The threading technique is a more efficent way then the waxing technique that most people use because with the wax you are using chemical based ingredients and sometimes it does not always get all of the little hairs that we want to get rid of. The threading technique allows us to get every single little unwanted hair our of the way with not accidents. Unlike the waxing technique where you may get some hairs that you didnt want to and know your left with a big mistake. That is why we use the threading technique because we are in full control of what we take out and what we leave!

If you have though about booking an appointment with us for any of the services we provide this is your sign to book now! Adding our $1 threading service to your next service is a great way to get best of both world and have you not only looking good but feeling great when you leave our salon! And that is what our goal here is to achieve you feeling and looking better than you were when you came in here!

If you or anyone you know is ready to book their next appointment and want to add ourt $1 eyebrow services to your next appointment feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. Or you can also find us online on our website at

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