When you are in broken arrow eyelash extensions and you are needing a fill make sure to book with us. We have the most qualified technicians in the world. Everything we do is to make sure that you feel more confident about yourself. You will get a lot of compliments whenever you walk out of our salon. We are so good at what we do that people recommend us all across the area.

At broken arrow eyelash extensions we want to make sure that your schedule relaxed whenever you’re here. That’s why we create a positive environment. A lot of our vibes are calm. We want to make sure that all of our clients are able to feel comfortable when they are here. That’s why we give them multiple options on what they can lay on. They can either way on a recliner or a bed. Both are cozy. If you’re looking more for flat then I would recommend the bed. We will also provide a blanket if you get too cold. We will set the temperature at a comfortable setting.

You’ll be so relaxed at broken arrow eyelash extensions you will probably fall asleep. But that’s OK. I want to be there class to sleep during their appointments. We will not judge you if you do feel asleep or if you snore. whenever your clients wanna sleep, that’s a huge compliment to ask because I let us know that you were so relaxed and comfortable around us. But you can even wear headphones whenever you come in to listen to your own music or you can even listen to her music which ever you prefer. We do recommend you don’t chew gum while you’re in your appointment because this will help us not mess up because you will not be moving. But if we do mess up, or you notice that you don’t like a certain lash, or a way that your lashes look, then we will fix them. Just let us know we won’t get upset. We will love to fix it.

We want to make sure that you leave with what you want at broken arrow eyelash extensions. All of our clients recommend us because we give good quality services. We also make sure that everybody gets their own individual map on their lashes. We will make sure that the lashes, the flatter your eyes rather than drive them down. You can choose whichever style you want and we will make sure that it looks good on your eyes shape. When you were in our salon, just know that you will be feeling confident whenever you walk out. That’s exactly what we want. That’s why all of our clients recommend us across the area.

We have many testimonials on our website about broken arrow eyelash extensions, which proves that our clients love what we do. We also provide a lot more information on our website which includes what you should do before and after your appointments to keep your lashes looking phenomenal. There is also a list of what we provide at our salon and pictures of what it looks like so you won’t be confused. Visit our website at thextensionist918.com or give us a call at 918-940-2888.

Broken arrow eyelash extensions | one call away from confidence!

When you visit the salon in broken arrow eyelash extensions, you will walk into a dimly lit environment. This provides comfort and relaxation. We also play soothing music. our main goal is to make sure that you leave with a smile. We want to create connections with our clients. Our relationships create loyalty which makes us happy.

If you book with us, she will be guaranteed the best service around broken arrow eyelash extensions. We make sure that all of our products are higher quality. All of our tools are sanitized and safe for your eyes. We like to avoid making your eyes red whenever you leave the salon. This is why we use a glue that is for sensitive eyes. Our products are recommended to use. If you wanna high-quality, then come to our salon. Not only will you get the best service around but you will also get a comfortable place to lay on. That’s right you can lay on either a recliner or a bed. That sounds like an amazing time to me.

The temperature we keep our salon in broken arrow eyelash extensions is at a comfortable setting, but if you get too chilly, then tell us and we will give you a blanket. We want you to feel cozy in our salon. This is a place of relaxation. We want to make sure that everybody gets a chance to relax while getting their services done. This is it when you come to us she will be guaranteed to live with a smile. Everybody will stare at your eyes and give you lots of confidence.

There are multiple different styles of lashes you can get at broken arrow eyelash extensions. From being bold to just your classic. We recommend getting classic first to get your eyes adjusted to having lashes on. After that she can add wispys or more lashes to make it look more full and longer. On our website, there are a lot of testimonials from our clients that say we were the number one around the area. These are all honest reviews of our salons. We want to be honest with all of our clients and future clients. We want to create trust in a relationship with you. In my opinion, I feel like you need to have a lot of trust in somebody in order to let them put stuff around your eyes. It takes a lot of patience to do this.

Our technicians are the best in broken arrow eyelash extensions. All of them are highly qualified in this profession. if you’re looking for a salon to try, we have plenty of booking space for you. We also have a little more information on our website about what we do. We have a lot more services that you can do other than getting the lashes done. You can also get your eyebrows done and permanent make up. If you want any of the services look up our website at thextensionist918.com or give us a call at 918-940-2888.

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