If you have not been feeling like yourself, lotta broken arrow eyelash extensions hope you feel even better than you normally would. We offer services such as eyelash lift and extensions as well as eyebrow services as well as even a hair extensions! To our knowledge, there is no other Tulsa salons that offer all of these services. There’s no need to make multiple appointments with different technicians all across the Tulsa area, we offer a variety of locations as well as beauticians who are licensed and can service all your needs. We are so excited to be able to offer your first brow threading appointment for only one dollar

When it comes to extensions, Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions offers a variety of looks and styles. We are home to the hundred dollar classic set and our fill costs are so affordable that you have no excuse to keep yourself maintained and groomed to perfection. You are a king and or a queen and deserve to feel like it. We have a multitude of designs to fit your personality as you are unique and special in your own riot. Our beauticians will help you with the upkeep and maintenance of your lashes as well as any other services that they give you.

Here at broken arrow Eyelash extensions, we only asked for the pre-procedures for you to not wear mascara eyeliner up to 48 hours before your appointment. When there’s debris or things in your eyelashes, it will prevent our beautician from being able to make sure that your eyelashes stay on as long as possible. This will help the quality of your lashes as well as the upkeep when it comes to maintaining them on your beautiful eyes. You should completely avoid eyelash glue up to 72 hours of your appointment for even more obvious reasons. The glue is tacky and we will have a hard time sticking those lashes.

Only thing that is needed from you on the day of your appointment is for you to arrive on time and ready to be pampered. We offer salons that have chairs that you can relax in as well as blankets that you can stay warm. You can bring headphones so you can listen to books, podcast, music, or anything else that would entertain you while you are being pampered by one of our highly transportation today. They do not advise bringing your child or anybody else with you as the process will take a while and you do not need to be moving your mouth on your head while the beauticians are trying to install the lashes.

For information or details until the other services that we provide, we would love for you to check that out as well as photos of before and after services that we have done when you visit our website at https://thextensionist918.com/. If there is any information that you cannot find or find yourself wanting to ask someone more about all the wonderful services we provide, we would love for you to give us a call and speak with one of our lovely representatives at 918-940-2888. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with our service and have nothing but wonderful things to say about our brand.

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Feeling under the weather without having Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions, well let our salons take care of you today. You deserve to feel confident about your day-to-day life and with a $100 classic set, we guarantee you you will feel like the queen or king you are. We are also excited to announce that we are offering it first time bow threading clients to receive their appointment for only one dollar. If this doesn’t grab your attention, then we know that letting you know we offer hair extensions well! We have your sessions that would be able to do anything for you.

Convenience isn’t a priority, but it is for our broken arrow Eyelash extensions. We have so many locations in the Tulsa area that you are bound to find a salon near your home or your work. Do you need to change up your commute or go out of the way to receive services to make you feel like 1 million bucks. We are affordable as well as obtainable and everyone salon is booked, we will be able to get you into another salon for your possible ideal day. All of our beauticians our licenses and have up-to-date degrees as well as trained in-house.

As we previously mentioned, Broken Arrow Eyelash extensions make sure that our beauticians are trained to the standards that we set for them. Our staff should be nothing but professional and friendly with our clients. We understand they receive training to obtain their licenses and agrees, however we want to get rid of any have it they may have that are not up to the standards that are brand demands. We want to make sure that our clients receive the very best, no matter if we need to completely re-train a stylist or not. It’s all about you when it comes to our brand!

When it comes to how are you should probably maintain your lashes, our beauticians will also help you maintain and upkeep your lashes so you don’t have to come in for a fill as long as possible. To keep the integrity of your lashes, we advise you not to use make up on them at all. With our lashes you won’t need to use any mascara or eyeliner. We suggest you leave it soap out of your lashes and if you need to wash your face, use a spoolie brush to get any lashes that may be shedding. You will experience some shedding, but it is normal and it is gradual.

If these are services you have never experienced, then we know you’ll be blown away by the results you will receive when you visit one of our salons. Please take a look at our website today at https://thextensionist918.com/ and view all of the wonderful before and after pictures as well as details of our wonderful testimonials our clients have given us over the years. If there’s any information that you cannot find on our website, we would love for you to give us a call today at 918-940-2888 and book your first dollar eyebrow threading with us today.

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