You know you want to feel boujie and the only place to make you feel that way is broken arrow Eyelash extensions. Not only do we offer a classic set for only $100, but we offer this by beauticians who have up-to-date licensing and have been trained in-house to keep up the standards that our brand implements for our clients. On top of the amazing classic set, you can receive your first brow threading appointment for only a dollar when you call and book an appointment with our beauticians today. We have amazing before and after pictures on our website, and we know that our cute locations will grab your attention immediately.

There are no other salons like broken arrow Eyelash extensions when it comes to the fact that not only do we service eyelashes, but we offer eyebrow services and, got this, hair extensions! Volume is where it is and we want to be able to achieve that no matter what area of your body it comes to. Yes, our beauticians are trained to serve on all areas and we make sure that they will give you the experience that your highness deserves. Because yes girl, you are a queen! Our salons are located all over Tulsa and we guarantee you’ll be able to find a salon near you.

Upkeep isn’t very hard for eyelashes, and you’ll be able to find out when our beauticians at broken arrow Eyelash extensions do your lashes today. We will give you the tools and techniques to help you maintain your lashes and decrease as much shedding as possible. Our fill services are less expensive than our brand new sets, and you will be able to pay less for upkeep on your lashes and you would if you went and invested in your nails. We don’t believe you should sacrifice one of the other, so we want to give you a budget-friendly price point so you can keep up with all of your grooming.

Just be sure to give us a call to either book your appointment or double-check all the services that our specific locations can provide for you. And we want to get you to the right location that is best suited for your commute, personality, and beauty needs. And we know that no matter what location you go to, you have nothing but an amazing and beautiful experience. Knowing that our beauticians only work with the best materials for your face is a peace of mind knowing that you have the least risk for allergy breakouts! We want your lashes to be as comfortable as possible on your face and we know you will too.

If you have never seen these services before, then you are missing out! Check our website out today at to see how this will change your whole new look! Also when you’re on our website, be sure to check out the pictures of our salons and get a feel for what would be good for you and your personality. If there’s any information that you cannot find on our website, we would love for you to get a hold of our lovely musicians today when you give us a call at 918-940-2888. We would love to go over your first bath I need an appointment for only a dollar as well as schedule you for any other services you’re needing.

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Feel Like Royalty

Here at broken arrow eyelash extensions, we are so proud to announce that we are home of the famous $100 classic set for eyelash extensions. If that isn’t affordable, then we don’t know what it is. When you book an appointment with us or a class with us, we guarantee you will not regret it. Just along with being able to save money in the eyelash department, you can save money in the eyebrows department when you book your first brow threading appointment for only a dollar. This is very exciting and we know in this economy that the better the price point, the more interested our clients will be.

We are so proud to announce that we provide services for many different areas of broken arrow eyelash extensions. Not just the lash extensions and lift, we offer our eyebrows services, as well as hair extensions! If you were looking for extensions, no matter lash or hair, you do not need a book 2 different technicians. You can come into the salon and receive both today. Why would you go out of your way if you’re already spending the money for these services? If you want to feel beautiful, we believe that convenience should also be thrown in. For you to feel confident, you want to experience stress free service.

Broken arrow Eyelash extensions it’s not just a string of salons, we are a brand. And we only treat ourselves as well as our clients like they are a part of a brand. We make sure to not only receive beauticians and staff members who have the proper licenses and degrees that they need for the state to be able to provide certain services, but we provide training for everyone who has been employed under our brand. We have high standards when it comes to who will work and represent our brand, and you will find when you book a visit with us that we only expect the best of the best. Our clients deserve absolute mess and that’s what they’re going to get.

We have mentioned that we have many locations, but we mean it when we have many locations. We have five locations that’s loaded and the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Meaning if you are wanting to find somewhere close to your home or your work, then you would need to go with our brand. You were going to be saving money and time as well as a hassle when it comes to gas to get to your appointments. Be sure to give us a call today and ensure that the specific salon you’re looking for gives the services that you are needing.

We know that not all men and women have experienced these services before, and we think they’re missing out! We would love for you to see what we can offer you when you look at the photos of our previous clients on our website up As well as all the details of the testimonials our clients have given us over the years. If you have any questions about services or what you will need to do to prepare for your appointment, please give one of our beauticians her staff members a call today at 918-940-2888 and we will look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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