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Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Lashes, Brows, Makeup, and More!

In today’s economy, you may not think that you will be able to afford Broken Arrow eyelash extensions or other Beauty services, but you cannot be more wrong. The minute you log on to our website you will be directed to a 25% promo code to help you with your lash set today. Come in and get your appointment for a classic set of lashes for only $125 as well as check out our dollar threading appointments we have available. We understand that many people do not have extra money to spend these days, but we are going to give you beauty services that will be something you will be able to afford.

If you have never received Broken Arrow eyelash extensions, then you are missing out on a beauty service that every male and female should experience. If you have never liked your lashes or wish they were more voluminous or had more length, then extensions are the best thing for you. With an easy Aftercare process as well as a two to three-week life expectancy, many people will make the commitment to getting extensions. If you do not like to put on a lot of makeup, many customers have said that having extensions makes them feel more confident going to be bare-faced.

Brow services are also available at Broken Arrow eyelash extensions and if you have never received an eyebrow service, then you are more than overdue to experience it. Not only do we offer threading and cleaning, But we are going to tame your brows in ways that you have never seen before. Experience eyelash extensions and brow threading within the same appointment and we guarantee you were going to leave feeling like a million bucks. If you are looking for some pampering, skip getting the nails done and work on the features on your face. They will have an instant feedback return and we know that is what you will like better.

Permanent makeup is also something that we offer at our salon. Of course, just like any of our other technicians, our permanent makeup artist is immensely trained and has a clientele that Raves over her experience. If you do not like spending time getting ready in the mornings, then it may be permanent makeup is something that would be beneficial to you. With rates that are comparable in contrast to other permanent makeup artists, we guarantee that you are going to love everything that our artists can give you today as well as properly shade you before permanently putting makeup on your face.

We are booking up fast so be sure to give us a call today to book your appointment whenever you call the number 918-940-2888. We hope that our customer service can be seen the minute you call. If you want to check out all the details of the other services that we provide, then we would ask for you to go online to our website at and check out all of the reviews that our customers have left us over the years. Also, check out all our different locations as well as our hiring opportunities we have available.

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