Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Have some of the most friendliest lash artist in our salon. we thrive on customer satisfaction and that’s why we Choose Wisely about who we bring into working to our environment. or lash artists strive in order to ensure that their customers keep coming back to our salon because they cant help but enjoy the experience that we provide them with. Some of the service we provide can take up to 2 hours and that is why we want to ensure great quality and comfortable services for you.

Many of our clients at our location at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions have been their since we opened in 2014! If that doesnt tell you how well we give off and how we strive on keeping our clients coming back then were not sure what will as our loyal clients love our environment and the friendly staff and service we provide them with it is hard to beat if you go anywhere else you will not find the same environment that we strive for here! The clients that we have keep coming back in order to ensure that your getting the best quality service. Our friendly lash artist often have conversations with their clients and get to know them and that also provides them a safe place to come and talk about their life with our clients who are judgement free!

Often times our lash artist at our salon at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions will have conversations with the clients that are wanting to. Of course its completely up to the client themself because some clients go and lay down and listen to music or others consider it their nap time. However many clients often consider their lash time as their therapy sessions and we love that! We love getting to know our clients on a more deeper and and emotional level after all we want you to leave here feeling better than the way you came in not only in the way you look good but also in the way that you feel good emotionally! Our lash clients also give out great advice if you do not know what style fits you best.

Often a lot of the times some of our clients may come in and not know what they want or have not yet experienced the lashes that they’ve loved and enjoyed. that is why we train our last clients well in order to experience the most phenomenal experience that you can at our salon. they are trying specifically to ensure that best quality is provided to you and they can all also give you great advice about what style might fit your eyes best. a lot of our clients have considered following our lash artists advice and have grown to love their lashes like no other experience before this is why we love what we do.

If you’re ready to start your lash experience without only get an amazing experience with our lash artist but a free therapy session if you are willing give us a call at 918-940-2888. Or you can also find Us online on our website about more of the services that we offer at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Many Services

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Does not only offer eyelash services but we go be a above and beyond that. With the services that we provide we did not just stop at lash extensions instead we kept it going and expanded our Horizons to the beauty industry and offer so much more than just our lash extension product. we are growing business and love to see our staff grow as well and that’s why we also offer lessons in order to ensure that you are getting the best quality when you come to our salon.

Some of the other services that we provide that is not lash extensions at our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions include lash lifting, Brow threading, hair extensions, teeth whitening and permanent makeup. I know right we offer so much more than just our lash extensions that will One Stop Shop for anything and we love to keep you happy with all of the services that we provide. some of the services that we have to offer here to take up to two hours and that’s why we want to ensure the best quality and comfortableness for you. Often times our clients like to consider their appointment as a nap time. the services that we have to offer our clients can also be taught to our staff who is not yet trained in that! that is a great way to grow your Horizon and learn more of the beauty industry through us.

From our lash lifts to our brow threading we offer so much more at ourBroken Arrow Eyelash Extensions. Are you not sure what A Lash lift is? our last lifted unnatural technique that typically is used on ladies who already have naturally long lashes. they curl your natural lashes and leave it to look curly for about 2 to 4 weeks this typically cannot be done on the girls who have shorter lashes as you may not see a result and thus leaving you unhappy which we do not want ot consider. Lash lift is a great way to go if you are looking for a natural look and already have long lashes yourself. if you have shorter lashes are better looking for a natural look our Classics that would be the choice for you. a classic set is individual lashes getting put on your lashes one by one in order to create the natural longer look that you may be going for.

Why stop at lashes and lash lifts when we also offer brow threading and hair services. eyebrow threading technique is originally from india and we have learned to love and use it in our salon. eyebrow threading is a great way to get rid of all your unwanted hair and maintaining it to only what you want to get rid of. unlike waxing where you don’t know what can go wrong and once it goes wrong you will no longer be able to fix it. threading is a more efficient way because it only removes hair while being pulled thus giving you a more control.

If you’re anywhere you know is interested in art many services that we have to offer in Our Salon feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888.Or you could also find Us online on our website where we have more information about the services we provide and what we are about our website is

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