Broken arrow eyelash extensions wants to let you know that it’s time for you to treat yourself. And you can treat yourself at an affordable price when you come and get a classic set as we are home to the hundred-dollar classic set. Not only can you get your lashes treated when you come visit us today for a good price, but go ahead and schedule your first brow threading appointment for only one dollar. That’s right even if you are sure when it comes to payday, if you find 4 quarters, then you will be able to receive eyebrow threading services. We are happy to offer a variety of locations as well as a variety of beauticians, so you will find the combination that you desire.

We don’t just service eyelashes here at broken arrow eyelash extensions, we also offer lash extensions as well as lash lifts. If you’ve never experienced a lash lift, then you’re missing out! We include other brow services besides eyebrow threading. And we are so excited to announce are not only do we provide extensions for your eyelashes, but we provide extensions for your hair as well. Meaning you don’t have to go into a hair salon after you receive your lash work here. You can book your lash and hair appointment with us for your convenience and save money on gas.

You may be wondering how our beauticians treat our clients at broken arrow eyelash extensions, and we are happy to announce that not only do our beauticians obtain their specific licenses and degrees from the demands of the state, but we provide training for everyone who is employed under our brand as well. There’s a specific standard that our brand gives our clients and expects anyone who is employed under us to follow. We are going to give you an experience that is fit for a queen, and we will not have anybody employed under us that does not support that mission.

Some common worries you may have when you go somewhere else for your eyelash extensions would be the poor quality when it comes to lashes or the glue that is used. There are many lash extensions out there that do not provide the best materials and this can result in possible allergy reactions as well as discomfort in your eye. And we can arguably say that the least amount of spot you would want discomfort will be on your eye! Let’s make sure to protect your sensitive area and leave you feeling like a goddess. That’s what you deserve and nothing less!

To check out all of our photos from my before and after sessions to be a part of her clients, we would love for you to check out our website at your earliest convenience when you visit as well as check out all the details and the testimonials our clients I’ve given us over the years. If you have any questions on any services we provide or if you would like to see about other services we may offer, please get our beautiful staff members a call today at 918-940-2888 and we know that you’ll be blown away already by the wonderful customer service that we have.

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Look at Those Brows!

When it comes to your beauty regimen, you only want the best of the best and that is us at broken arrow eyelash extensions. Why would you settle or pay your hard-earned money for anything less than perfect? We are so proud to announce we are home to the hundred-dollar classic set as well as you can book your first brow threading appointment with us for only one dollar today. Not only do we have stylists who know what they’re doing, but they are up-to-date on all of their licensing and degrees that is needed and required by the state.

If you have already gotten your lashes done at broken arrow eyelash extensions, then we are proud to offer eyelash lifting, eyebrow threading, and other eyebrows services, and now we have hair extensions available! See you do not have to worry about booking an appointment with somebody else across town and when you can get your whole beauty regimen done in one location. And we how many different locations for your convenience. Whether it be located at near your home or work, we guarantee there’s a cute salon near you. You should find the perfect salon for you and your personality as well as get connected to a stylist who will be able to take care of you

If you would love to experience all of our services are broken arrow Eyelash extensions, then we would love to take care of you. Our brand is more than just a franchise or a string of salons. We aren’t sure that every stylist is trained in-house as well as any other staff members. There is a bar of standards that we have set for our clients and everybody employed under our brand must meet those qualifications and standards. No matter what training or experience they have had before they come in here, we will make sure that they don’t bring any bad practices or are up-to-date on all of the best tips and tricks that we have for installation.

The upkeep of eyelashes it’s not as complicated as you may think. Before you come in to get your eyelashes done, we ask at 72 hours before your appointment you stop using your eyelash glue as you’re gonna be experiencing new lashes soon! The glue can be very tacky and if there’s any debris on your eyelash line, then it can prevent us from doing the best job we can on your eyes. 48 hours before your appointment, put the mascara and eyeliner down as that goes hand-in-hand with the eyelash glue. Be sure to come in fresh-faced and ready to look like you have butterfly wings on your eyes.

To view all the other maintenance tips and check so we can give you, we would love for you to check out our beautiful website at That probably showcases all the other services that we provided by a stylus. We would love for you to check out the photos of all of our other locations as well as photos of before and Afters of clients we have done. If there’s any information that you’re not able to find on our website, we would love for you to call our lovely staff members today at 918-940-2888 and schedule your first dollar broth retina appointment with us today.

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