Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon began in 2014 and a small 10 x 10 room with one very uncomfortable for that massage bed. They have sense grew to five places in the area locations and 40 employees valuing and aesthetically pleasing environments with relaxing music. They have came a long way. As they continue to expand their looking for like mine is business owners to join them. They’re licensing model is built with the intention of align the license salon owner 2 scale and open multiplication so that they can create more time and freedom in their lives. They’re working on adding permanent Cosmetics to Salon which will enable our salon owners increase in Revenue.

We are different from other Eyelash Salon because our systems allow for our employee at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions to learn our retention, greater client satisfaction and the most affordable start up cost for the business owner. Franchises are often very strict and do not allow Freedom of Choice when running the business that’s why the cost to start a fight next Eyelash Salon is at least three times as much as our license. License businesses are more flexible and easier to start we are currently the only licensed eyelash extension Salon.

We do Not only offer eyelash extensions at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions but we also offer eyebrow threading at the extensionist. We offer eyebrow threading to clean and tame those beautiful brows if you’ve never experienced the feeling after having your lashes done and brows at the same time we recommend experiencing this amazing feeling for yourself. The writing is Emmanuel hair removing technique that originated in India. We use it to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body common areas are the face arms and neck and legs Etc. Compared to waxing some may say that threading can be more painful this is because with thread it gets all of the hairs There are no hairs that are left behind when you get breaded. as opposed to waxing where it will not pull out every hair the first tim

We are a growing business that allows you to benefit from our services that we provide. We offer so much more than lash extensions and we want you to give you the opportunity to grow with us! With our opportunity to expand your education with the services and classes we provide it is not only our mission to grow our business but to further your education for those of you who love what you do! Just like we do! There is nothing that we will stop at in order to serve those and offer them with the provided services that we can provide and offer to you.

If you or anyone you know may can benefit from our services that we provide feel free to give us a call to contact us with any further questions at 918-940-2888. You can also find us online on our website at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Lift Vs Extensions

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions not only offers extensions but they also offer lash lifts.The difference between lash lifts and extensions are extensions are individual lashes that are being put on your natural lashes already. The lifts is a technique using your natural eyelashes and lifting them so they always have a curly look to them. They typically last about 2-4 weeks just like the extensions do as well. We are unique place that offers both services because most people do not offer both. Some people can just do either or and We are proud that we can offer so much more than that!

If you are looking for a great place to get your lash extensions done Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions would be ideal for you! Not only do we offer lash lifts and extensions but we also offer permanent makeup and hair extensions! This is a one stop shop for all of your beauty necessities. Why stop at just getting your lashes done, when we offer so much more! Come here to get all your beauty needs done in one stop! We even offer threading to make your eyebrows look great and have you leaving our salon not only looking great but feeling good as well!

If you love getting your lashes done and have not yet tried out our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions location you are definitely missing out! With all that they have to offer and the services that they provide automatically beats everyone else around them, simply because they offer so much more than just your trypical lash salon. The only service they do not provide is nails which im sure is next on our list!! We offer everything from eyebrow threading to hair extensions and permanent makeup. So again, why stop at just our lash lifts? When there is so much more we have to offer you! From our lash lifts and extensions to our permanent makeup and our hair extensions we offer it all and have you covered!

If you are the person who loves to get their lashes done your next stop should be here because their goal is to not only stay current in the industry but to deliver above standard quality services and training to their clients and staff. They carry unique products in essence and they are created by the industries leading manufacturing companies so youll quickly notice the difference in quality from our products and just any other salon! Come and experience the difference for yourself every time you use our services!

If you or anyone you know may be interested in getting any of our services that we provide of if you yourself has any questions about the services we have to offer feel free to give us a call where we will always be available if not we will contact you as soon as possible, our number is 918-940-2888. You can also find us online at our website where we talk more about each of the services that we provide at

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