Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions do not only offer eyelash services! But we also provide you with all your hair extensions services that you need! Hair extensions are a great way to add to your deck service because you can’t go wrong with making your hair look and feel great! Not only does hair extensions make your hair look longer and add length to your hair but it also provides you the most fullest volume look in order to achieve your hair goals. That is why we love that we provide this service here at our salon!

We didnt just stop at everything lashes at our salon here at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions, but we also took it one step further and added hair extensions to our list! How amazing right? We want to give you all the benefits in orde to achieve everything great in your life and have you looking better than you left here! The more the merrier when it comes to all things beauty and thats why we love that we can offer you so much more of the services that the other people may not provide.

The amount of services that come from our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon is tremendous from all things lashes to hair extensions to even our permanent makeup looks we did not just stop at eyelashes. We want to make you feel great in all aspects! That is why you should book your next hair extension look with us! We match your color hair with the extensions that way you wont be able to tell a difference in quality. As well as the quality that we use for the extensions will feel as if you do not have any extensions on and it is all part of your real hair and of you wear it as if it is then we can assure you that youll almost forget that it is! The amount of services that we provide will allow you to benefit in more than one aspect of beauty!

From your eyelashes to our hair extensions and our eyebrow services that we provide we offer so much more to you all than just eyelashes. Our hair extension would be a great thing to add to your next appointment because not only do we match your color hair with yours identically but the quality of the hair we use is almost as if you will not be wearing any extensions. That is the best way to keep you looking and feeling your best with minimum amount of effort. All you have to do is show up your appointment and allow us to do the rest for you! Well leave you being able to wake up everyday and the only thing youll have to do is brush your teeth and youll be feeling great!

If youre ready to start your hair extension appointment or have any questions about the service feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. Or you can also check us out online at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | teeth whitening

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions as you may already know, did not just stop at all things eyelashes. Nope, instead we took it a few steps further and added teeth whitening to our services that we provide! How amazing right? Getting your teeth whitened while your also geting your lashes done! This is why we love what we do here the services that we provide just keep growing and expanding. Who would iof thought that you were going to get your teeth whitened the same time we are providing you with another service. This is why our salon is a one stop shop with all your beauty needs.

We offer cosmetic teeth whitening here at our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon. This is a technique used to brighten and whiten those beautiful pearly whites we all know and love to show! During this process or technique we will not be touching your mouth or face during the service. Intsead they instruction and demonstrate it for you to be able to apply the product and use the lamp! This is why it is so easy and quick to just lay there while your waiting for your next service.

If we havent already convinced you enough why Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon should be your next stop for all of your beauty needs. Let me brag about all the service that they provide for a little bit. Starting with our lash service we offer Of course the extensions. from classic to volume set so we offer so much and the extensions area. as well as lash lifts. we offer teeth whitening as we mentioned above. hair extensions. as well as permanent makeup such as permanent eyeliner permanent lip liner and so much more. if this hasn’t already convinced you to book your next Beauty needs with us we also offer classes for those who already have their cosmetology license and is looking to further their education in so much more.

The amount of services that we offer here at our salon is unique in its own way because we not only just offer lash extensions but we offer so much more in order to get all your beauty needs done in one stop. we understand that it can be in convenient for those of you who have a life and this is the only time that you get to yourself and that’s why we offer so much and just one that way you can get all of your beauty needs done and one spot and what appointment. we want to make your life easier as well as make you look and feel your best with our services that we provide here. this is why you should book your next appointment with us as we don’t just offer what service but offer plenty more to get your needs met.

if you have any questions about the services that we provide or are you looking to book your next appointment and teeth whitening please give us a call at 918-940-2888. where you can also find Us online on our website where we have more of the information about the services that we provide online at

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