Make sure to stop by and get your lashes done in broken arrow eyelash extensions. We are the best studio in Tulsa. We offer nothing but the best service. We want to make relationships with our clients. If you can do us you won’t regret it. Our goal is to make sure that you’re comfortable and relax at our salon. We want to make sure that your confidence is boosted whenever you walk out. Our team loves seeing the confidence grow whenever the clients see their lashes. We are the most recommended around and people come from all over to get her lashes done. If you want to stay trendy, give us a try.

We want you to come back with us in broken arrow eyelash extensions. Not only do we offer lash services, but we also offer a few others. All of our technicians are professional and live with they do. If you want quality over quantity, come visit our salon, as I want to go to. Our clients say that we are efficient with what we do and we stay persistent. We are top rated kids. Our focus is also on how comfortable you are in our salons. We want to make sure that our environment is a calm setting.

How much availability do you have in broken arrow eyelash extensions? We will make sure to book you at a reasonable time. We will make sure that the whole time that you were booking with us you get a run through of what you will get. Do you want a recliner or a bed to lay in one get your lashes done? We have both those options and keep you comfortable. We went to make sure that you enjoy your time. If your lashes don’t come out the way that you want them to then feel free to tell us and we will fix it. We strive to set goals and reach them. We will make sure that you were booked when you’re free. We will work around your schedule.

Customize your lashes in broken arrow, eyelash extensions. Every set of lashes. All we do is customize your eye shape. We map it out and make sure that the lengths correlate with each other. Oh, we want to make sure that your lashes shoot you. Everything that we do it is to make sure that you look your best. We will never send you outside looking silly. You will get so many compliments on your lashes. Your confidence will grow here.

If you want to get lashes in broken arrow eyelash extension feel free to look us up. Our website has all the different types of lashes and styles we do. We also provide information on what to do before and after your appointment. If you are interested in looking amazing, book with us. You will leave looking happy and refreshed. All you have to do is visit our website or give us a call at 918-940-2888 to book with us.

Broken arrow eyelash extensions | a refreshment for your face!

we want to see you in broken arrow eyelash extensions. are you bored and want to switch up your look the cum bucket with us. We are the most recommended and highly reviewed in the area. We went to give you the confidence that you deserve. Our claims will always work out with the most confidence. If you want confidence, then we suggest getting your lashes done by us. Do you want you to schedule with us so you can feel the relaxation of the environment. Do you want to make sure that every person gets a chance to fill beautiful in their own skin?

Are you looking for salons in the broken arrow eyelash extensions area? Then you should visit flutter or any of our other shops because we have the best salon around. We make sure to go around your eye shape. We don’t want it to be too much for your eye. We want it to be just right like Goldilocks. When you leave our salon, you will get compliments. Everyone will wonder where does she get her lashes done and it will give you the biggest confidence boost. Everyone should feel confident. That’s why we provide a few services that can help you feel more beautiful.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with broken arrow eyelash extensions. Even if you were just beginning and lash world, that’s OK. We will get you set up with a classic set so you will be comfortable while wearing them and then whenever you get used to it then you can go to a more bolder look. We like to map out where the lashes are going to go in one length that we want to put them. This helps with shaping the eye and creating a more natural work. This also helps enhance the eyes.

Everyone should try broken arrow eyelash extensions at least once. If you have never had lashes, that’s perfectly fine a lot of people use falsies. We like the more natural look so that’s why we recommend getting extensions rather than using falsies. Also, you don’t have to takeoff these lashes every night. You can keep these on and get them filled every two weeks for however long you want. This is how it saves money because when you use policies you tend to throw them away after wearing the one time, but with these, you have them on literally every second of every day, so you also won’t lose them either.

If you’re interested in broken arrow eyelash extensions can visit our website. There is a lot more information on what we do on there. There are pictures of every style of lashes. It also has our contact information. We also have a lot of testimonials that proves that we are really good at what we do. You can also book online or even give us a call. If you want to book online, our website is or call us at 918-940-2888 to book over the phone.

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