If you are looking for the best Broken Arrow eyelash extensions that you will be able to find, be sure to come to the salon that is offering them for only $125 for a classic set. That would be none other than our salon, Flutter. If you do know our services as well as our salon, you should be happy to know that we have franchising opens that may be something you are interested in if you are looking to start your own business. We can book and schedule appointments or classes online and try to make everything as accessible to our clients as possible.

Interested in a brow threading experience at Broken Arrow eyelash extensions? You can now book your first-ever brow threading appointment for only $1 today. Whether you are an existing client or a brand-new client, you will be able to experience this deal. It includes all genders as well as we are trying to be inclusive to those who want to experience this brow threading. There is nothing quite like the combination of having lash extensions and brow threading done on the same day and we guarantee you are going to feel extremely pampered when you experience these combinations. Go ahead and schedule this today to experience.

You may be surprised to hear that hair extensions are also available whenever you book online at Broken Arrow eyelash extensions today. Although it is not available at all locations, you will be able to call our friendly customer service representative to find out which locations are offering this. It will provide you with fuller, healthier hair as well as length, if that is what you are looking for. Our hair technicians know exactly what to provide for you for your overall desired outcome and are fully licensed and up to date in all of the training that is needed.

Permanent makeup is also a service that we provide for our customers. If you find yourself not having enough time to put on your makeup or finding it a pain to wash on and off every day, then we suggest trying out this service. Our makeup artist is extremely professional as well as trained and up-to-date on all licensing. You can experience permanent makeup from Permanent eyeliner to lip blushing to other body permanent makeup as well. There is going to be something for men and women of all ages and all skin types whenever you look for services through our permanent makeup artist.

There is no reason to sit and think about it as we believe that we have enough deals and specials going on to help you feel good about pampering yourself. Whenever you give us a call today at the number 918-940-2888 To book your appointment you are going to be able to see how amazing our customer service is from the get-go. We would also like for you to go online to our website at www.theextensionist918.com to see all the different services that we have available for you. We are confident you are never going to want to go to another Salon again and we would like to be put to the test whenever you give us a call today.

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Many wonder what the difference is between Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions and others. It can be chalked up to a number of different things, however, when it comes to Quality Service as well as the training we have for our staff and clients, this is an area that we cannot be beaten. With current promotions that will be able to give you a full set of eyelash extensions from our classic set for only $125, we know that one of our many different locations will be able to serve you for whatever Beauty service you are needing. We have testimonials and reviews online that we would love for you to check out if you are hesitant about booking an appointment today.

You should only go to the highest-rated Broken Arrow eyelash extensions salon and that would be none other than our salon. We also have the availability to book a class if this is your first time experiencing a service or even if it is your multiple time, this allows our clients to have an up close and personal knowledge of all the different services and how it is done during their appointment. If you would like to book a class, be sure to go online and look up our different schedules as we are wanting to cater to all of our clients and this includes bringing accessible and convenient services.

If you have never experienced brow threading, then you are going to need to schedule your first appointment for only $1 at Broken Arrow eyelash extensions today. It does not matter if you are a current client, a past client, or of any gender, this promotion can be offered to you today. We always suggest experiencing the combination of the brow threading appointment as well as a Lash extension appointment as the results are going to leave you confident and fully relaxed. Experience your appointment at any of our locations for yourself and fall in love with all of our services that we can provide for you as well as our beauticians that are professional and extremely trained.

You may be asking yourself what makes us different from any other Salon in the industry or for the state perhaps? The difference is going to be our standard of quality service as well as providing the best technicians available to give you the results you are looking for in a healthy and confident way possible. There is much more important to us than any specific Trends we are trying to come up with or the latest technology as we are passionate about products that truly work as well as staff that’s really connected with our clientele. Whenever you schedule an appointment online or through phone, we know that you are going to fall in love with each and every one of our technicians.

Do not just take our word for it, be sure to book your appointment today whenever you give us a call to the number 918-940-2888 as well as get a first-hand experience of how amazing our customer service truly is. To see all of our different locations as well as the different franchising options available, you are going to need to go to our salon’s website whenever you go to www.thextensionist918.com. We know that there will be something for everyone and we look forward to meeting you and making you feel like a million bucks.

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