What woman isn’t looking for amazing Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions? Nobody has time for makeup anymore and with a classic set only being $100, you won’t need to put makeup on again when keeping up with appointments. With your eyelashes covered, feel free to be happy to hear you can also receive a $1 brow thread for your first brow threading appointment! No matter what your gender, you will love how you look and feel after your brow threading appointment. It doesn’t stop at eyelash extensions, eyelash lift services, and eyebrow services, but our salon proudly offers hair extensions services as well to complete your full glam look when you book an appointment with us today.

They say pain is beauty, but here at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions we beg to differ. There is no need to sacrifice time, money, and experience pain to be your most beautiful and confident self. We pride ourselves in only employing techs and staff that bring nothing but quality into their work and craftsmanship. How can you leave someone else feeling confident if you can’t be confident in the tools and materials used to do so? We offer a multitude of locations to choose from to make our experience as convenient as possible for you and your gal pals (or you guys, too!)

Not only is our salons a company we can be proud of, but Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is a brand that serves Tulsa and surrounding areas. Starting back in 2014, we have grown with each new location and with new techs bringing in the hottest tips and tricks from the most recent trends. All the while still maintaining the standards that have been set since our beginning. We ensure we have the best prices as well as the best beauticians who are up to date in all their licenses. Make sure to check out our website to correlate which salon offers what treatments!

We don’t just accept the training done while obtaining their cosmetology or esthetician license, we also train every tech that is employed in our salon to make sure they provide nothing but we demand from our tech’s at our brand. Our customers love how professional and friendly all our staff is all over our many locations. With a message of wanting to embrace and enhance natural beauty, we have services that will suit any person – no high maintenance required. Our brand is always updating our techniques and materials to give our clients the best experience possible. That is how we can confidently say we are the best of the best in Tulsa!

To see all the services and options of lash extensions we offer, please view our beautiful website located at thextensionist918.com and see all of our testimonials as well as all the beautiful before and after photos we love to display! If you have any more questions or concerns that can’t be addressed on our easy to use website, then please give our lovely staff a call at 918-940-2888 to schedule your appointment with us today! We are passionate in what we do and this is not just a job to us. We love making people feel beautiful! Let us make you feel beautiful today.

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Flutter Away Your Problems

Don’t skimp on beauty at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions! And with our amazing brand, you won’t have to. We offer $100 classic sets that any budget can afford. Obtain your beautiful new look today when you also schedule your first brow threading appointment for just $1. On top of being able to book an appointment, you can also book a class with us! No matter your gender, you deserve to feel like a rockstar with one or more of our many wonderful services we provide for the Tulsa community. We don’t just stop at eyelashes and brows, let us get you into hair extensions to volumize your look today.

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions offers an experience that is backed by a true desire to only provide our clients with quality that cannot be found anywhere else. With many different styles and options available for your lashes and your personality, we guarantee our highly trained beauticians can give you a look that your friends will be awed by and jealous over. We have a website that allows you to book your own appointment as well as get you connected by our wonderful staff. There are many salons and beauticians in the area offering services we offer, but the majority have quality that is lacking and most often than not, lashes that hurt the clients eyes.

We understand at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions that your eyes can only handle so much. That is why on top of all our beauticians having up to date licenses, we also train any staff member who gets hired on – no matter their experience or past employment. There is a standard our brand has for our clients and it will not be unobtainable because of lack of training. Many salons that offer lash work harm the client’s eyes. Not only is it painful, but it is flat out unacceptable. No one should pay to have their eyes poked and prodded. And we guarantee you won’t.

With techs who will make sure your lashes frame your eye correctly, are comfortably applied, and making sure there are no negative reactions from the products used, we prioritize excellence and perfection for our clients. Convenience is also a major point we try to give our clients and that is why we have so many locations available for wherever you reside in town or where you work. Make sure to check our website or call to confirm the services you are looking for at the specific location you are planning to go to. If one salon does not offer a certain service, they will recommend the closest salon that does cater that service.

To see all the details about the designs and styles of services we work with, check out our website today at thextensionist918.com and view all the info posted on there. We also have added before and after pictures as well as all the testimonials that our client’s have graciously given us to give you peace of mind that you are going with the best. If you have any trouble booking your appointment, we would love to speak with you over the phone at 918-940-2888 and schedule your first $100 classic set and first $1 brow threading appointment. Let us make you flutter away into a confidence you didn’t know you could have.

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