Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Offer our one-on-one technique in order to ensure excellent quality and retention and make sure our basic application is comfortable and seamless for your eyelashes this is the proper technique to use and it’s a Paramount when getting eyelash extensions. if lashes are not applied to one natural lash it could damage the natural lashes depending on the severity and length of time that this occurs. This could result in permanent eyelash loss. Eyelash extensions should be comfortable and seamless. to make sure your eyelashes are isolated fully you should be able to run a mascara brush through the very base of the natural lash line all the way to the tips without any kind of pull or snagging whatsoever. from time to time one lash may get stuck to another this will happen to every lash artist from time to time. eyelash extensions should be comfortable.

A poor application cannot be properly cared for and can be very uncomfortable. this is why our lash artists at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions are trained specifically to give the correct care and quality eyelash extensions. If they are not properly cared for it the eyelash extensions cannot be cleaned and it also causes the risk for permanent lash loss or irritation and infection. no matter what technique you have always remember the rule of thumb one-on-one is one lash on your natural lash. We offer so many different lash extensions from classic to volume techniques we want to ensure you get the quality and results you will love!

The eyelash industry can be very confusing to those who are new so this is why Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Artists are here to help you. we have different techniques from our volume lashes to our classic lashes but please remember that you’re not stuck with just one technique when you start. every technique can be applied at fill time regardless of your last set. for example, if a client starts with a classic because they aren’t sure that they want to do something so dramatic and after they get it done they realize it wasn’t what they were expecting and what a fuller look instead of looking for a classic technique at your fill time we would recommend the next style up which would be hybrid. this is no additional charge to move techniques you would still be paying the same as your fill.

The number of different services that we provide here doesn’t just stop at our eyelash service. we also provide services permanent makeup, as well as hair extensions and lash lips there’s so much more that our Salon can offer you than just our regular eyelashes extension we want you to give us a try for your next Beauty needs. allow us to make you still and look your best by booking with us you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re ready to Start an appointment or If you have any questions about the services we offer at the classes that we provide feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. or you could also find Us online on our website at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | mission

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Lash artist and their team members are trained until their application is to their standard of Excellence this could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months they want to ensure that their clients are getting the best quality lashes and experience and their Salon this is why they take a licensed cosmetologist and train them to their liking. all day you do not have to be trained specifically in eyelash extensions to apply them in the state of Oklahoma we extensively train every beautician that becomes a part of their team they are here to serve the greater Tulsa area with the best possible service that they could provide.

The mission that they have at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Is to be able to bring out your natural beauty with the best techniques and skills in their greater Tulsa area. they are constantly improving their skills and techniques and learning everything they care about the latest trends and styles to make their services better for their clients. People have fallen in love with the service and have been our customers for years the quality of work we provide is unparalleled. if it wasn’t for some of our stylists finding the right styles for some of our customers they would not have known what they really wanted. we keep our place clean we always stay professional and consistently provide high quality and valuable service in order to ensure our customers keep coming back.

The services that they provide here at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions Do not just stop at eyelash extensions although that is their specialty. They offer a full service eyelash extension menu at their locations along with brow, facial and permanent makeup services. of course, this is only at a few locations but they do provide these. Some of the services that they provide in eyelashes include classic eyelash extensions, Blended eyelash extensions known as the hybrid set, bold volume eyelash extensions, and Mega volume which is also an extreme look. they also offer hydro facials. as well as powder ombre brows and microblading combo brows, lip blushing, and fibroblast they offer so much here at the salon you won’t be disappointed.

The services that we provide here should be a very relaxing experience for you. if you have not had an experience relaxing or if you’ve had a painful or uncomfortable experience that is not normal. it is however normal for first-time clients to fall asleep for their 2-hour full service. clients often refer to their lash appointments as their designated nap time in their busy life. that’s why we enjoy the service with we provide and allow you to look and feel beautiful in your time.

If you’re anywhere you know it’s interested in getting the services that we provide here or have any questions about booking an appointment feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. Or you could also find Us online on our website and get more information about the process and the services that we provide our website is

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