Flutter broken arrow eyelash extensions is licensed insured and does all their practice under a licensed physician. They are Oklahoma’s how you treated and most google reviewed eyelash extensions, studio and salon. We had five locations located all around the Tulsa metro that are so excited to be here to serve you today. We offer $125 for a classic set of extensions. We have a one dollar brow threading no brainer offer for all of our new and existing clients that use it for the first time. Let us get your natural beauty out and about today.

What permanent make up options do broken arrow eyelash extensions have? We are certified in 10 separate areas of permanent cosmetics. This is the location located at 81st and Memorial. We offer free consultations for all new patients but this is not a requirement if you do not want to. If you have previous permanent make up that wasn’t implied by this clinic then we will require a consultation. We will ask that you fill out an intake form after your booking so that we can then get to know you better. We offer micro, beading, powder, brows, lip, blushing, and eyeliner services at our cell Tulsa at location we recommend that you do your touch ups for two years.

What services are offered at broken arrow eyelash extensions? We offer Microblading, which is a manual technique that was performed with the hand tool to create very small hair like strokes throughout the entire brow. This is great for people that want a natural looking bra. This is not recommended if you have oilier mature skin. Your brow will be 40 to 60% darker the day that it is done but it will fade as it heals. We offer powder brows. This is a technique that is performed with a permanent makeup machine to create more of a make up like row. This is great for people that want more noticeable brows. We offer combo brows and this is a technique that is a combination of micro blading in powder. Typically they microblade at the front and then powder starting about 25% going all the way to the very end.

We offer lip blushing. This is a procedure that is intended to create a flashed look, showing a younger overall appearance. You have the possibility to bring back a useful look to your face. This is not to replace lipsticks, and it does not make your lips bigger. You will see temporary swelling, but that usually goes away. We are not able to talk to you outside of the natural lip. It does not look good after healing. Skin is radically different on the lips versus outside.

Visit us online at https://thextensionist918.com/ to learn more about us, to book and fill out a form, to see all the services that we offer, to be quiet, testimonials and more. We are on Facebook and Instagram. By calling 918-940-2888 you can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated eyelash extension, studio and salon today.

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Microblading

Flutter broken arrow eyelash extensions is America’s highest rated and most reviewed eyelash extension, studio and salon. We have a no-brainer guild where you can get your classic full set of eyelash extensions for only $125 for new and existing clients. We have a no-brainer offer where you can get a brow thread for only one dollar. We have a range of services from eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts, eyebrow services, hair extensions, services, and permanent make up. It is our goal to get you feeling confident and embracing your natural beauty today.

What services are offered at broken arrow eyelash extensions? We offer eyeliner or eyelash enhancement. This is intended to darken your lash line to replace you having to put eyeliner on. It would be out on any of your eyelash extension sites. This creates spikes throughout the lash line giving more of a strip lash look. We offer brow lift, and lamination. A brow lift. There’s a similar solution to a perm and the same thing used in lash lift. We use different numbing solutions to make your services very comfortable. We will always present makeup on, so you can see before and after. The additional procedure could take up to three hours, and the touch ups can take up to two hours. He will be laying down and we do not have chairs that accommodate so please just consider this when you are about to book.

What should I expect from broken arrow eyelash extensions? When you are preparing for your permanent make up procedure. We recommend that there is no exercise within 24 hours, no caffeine or alcohol two days before, no tanning or something for at least a week, food you’re not able to take any kind of blood thinners two days before, they are not allowed to use any Retin-A products at least a month before, you can’t use any AHA products close to your eyebrow for at least two weeks before if you have Botox and filler, you should avoid this one month prior, no bra, Lexington or threading for a week fryer, and avoid chemical peels lasers are any facial procedure that flares for at least two weeks.

After your treatment, you want to keep that area clean, allow your eyebrows, completely air dry before applying after care, do not rub pick or scratched into the area completely avoid direct sun, exposure and tanning beds for a minimum of at least four weeks avoid pool, sauna steam rooms, hot showers and hot baths for three weeks. Avoid working out for at least 10 days. Do not apply. Makeup or skin products for at least two weeks no facials, chemical treatment or Michael dermabrasion for four weeks. No but Botox until you’re healed. I’m going to sleep in the area.

Visit us online at https://thextensionist918.com/ tell learn more about us, see all the services that we offer and more. You can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated to lose, google, reviewed eyelash extension, studio, and salon.
Call us today I 918-940-2888 to get your one dollar brow thread appointment book today.

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