Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions offers a very relaxing and comfortable experience. This should always be the way your eyelash extensions should be. If you or anyone you know have not had a relaxing experience they went to the wrong person as this should be normal for you to be comfortable enough to fall asleep during your appointment. Very many of our clients refer to their lash time as their nap time as well, this is why we love what we do we are able to give you a great experience while making you look and feel great about yourself as well!

If you end up booking with one of our lash artist at Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions, Not only will you not be disappointed but you could also feel free to bring headphones to listen to your favorite music or podcast or show during your service. we will have music play In Our Salon for you to enjoy as well but not Everyone likes music that we play. the service is before I’m not a recliner or massage table. your bottom lashes are taped out so they don’t get mixed with the top lashes while they extensions are being applied. not doing this probably is why he said people experience negative service because the top and bottom lashes get stuck together every now and then if you do not apply it right.

The technique that we use here at our Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions salon Is the one on one technique this is where the eyelash extensions are applied to one of your natural lashes at a time. this is why a full set will take up to 2 hours if applied correctly. it typically will shed with your natural lash cycle and not damage the natural lashes. we provide all full sets with an Aftercare package and instructions so that you are able to care for them properly our main goal with our services is our clients to feel as comfortable and relaxed and happy as possible. if you need any accommodations for anything we would be happy to hear them and make them happen for you. if you’re ready to have a gray eyelash extension experience this is the place for you we also offer so much more than just our eyelashes Services you won’t be disappointed if you book with us.

Did I mention that we have comfy recliners or even a bed for you to relax on. Either is available on request when you book with they want your experience to be as refreshing and relaxing as possible in order for you to look and feel your best when you leave our office. Their is so much more services we have to offer for you all that it is remarkable that we have been able to expand and provide these for you.

If you are ready to have an amazing experience with us today and book your appointment you can do so by giving us a call at 918-940-2888. Or you can also book your appointment to have an amazing experience with us online at

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions | Who we are !!

Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is a flutter brand business and they are a small, locally owned business serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Their team is very seriously talented and they have a group of hard working talented women who love what they do! They each specializing in eyelash extension and offer a full lash service menu that fits each of their individual clients need that suit them and their personal style the best!

Their salon at the Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions was the first one that they started with in 2014. They have since grown to multiple locations include south tulsa, midtown tulsa, brookside, and owasso. They have grown tremendously and are always looking for licensed cosmetoligist to help them expand and grow their clientele! With all the amazing services that they provide and want to get make the best out of not only their client but their staff as well and thats why they offer so many more learning opportunities in order for their staff to learn and grow in their career.

If your looking for a spot to take a nap while they work their magic look no further as , Broken Arrow Eyelash Extensions is the place for you and you wont be disappointed when you book with them as they strive to do everything that they do in order to give you the best service that they can provide for you and giving you the opportunity to leave their salon looking and feeling your best! Our stylist thrive to keep you looking and feeling your best and thats why they work here because they love what they do and want you to love how you look. Many of our stylist love to give you each advice on what they think may look the best on you according to your eyeshape and sizes. The advice is completely optionally to follow or of course not follow as long as they are keeping you happy and in love with your service they are doing their part!

Each slash artist that becomes a member of their team is usually trained to their standard excellence. they are already licensed but that is not enough in order to achieve their standards of excellence. we want to ensure that their clients are getting the best quality and service provided in each of their salons that’s that is why they choose to train their employees so they’re standards. this could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months in order to ensure the best quality for their clients that come into their salon and have you located fill in your best when you leave there salon. this is why this is the best place to go to because they don’t just stop at them having a license but they ensure that you are getting the best quality work when you’re working with them.

If you’re ready to start your with our services that we provide or if you’re a licensed cosmetologist looking to further your education feel free to give us a call at 918-940-2888. or you could also look us up online on our website at

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