If you are looking for an eyelash extensions Tulsa Oklahoma studio, you should visit The Extensionist 918. The company advertises bringing out in creating your best self. And they believe they can help you do that with some simple. Along with eyelash extensions The Extensionist 918 offers hair extensions as well. Although, they stick to these two services because they believe that in order to do their best work they must narrow their focus on what they are best at! It is super easy to book an appointment by phone or online.

At this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, The Extensionist 918 offers a full eyelash extension menu. The menu consists of classic lashes, hybrid flashes, volume lashes, and mega volume lashes. As I mentioned they stick to eyelash services but this also includes services beyond eyelash extensions. The Extensionist 918 is able to perform a lash lift and a lash tint as well. A one dollar brow thread is also available for new and prior customers. A brow thread can help reshape your brows and freshen them up. This is a great deal to check out!

Applying lash extensions is very detailed work as this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio understands. Therefore to ensure that their clients receive the best of the best application, The Extensionist 918 only hires licensed, insured, and trained professionals. This company is dedicated to their clientele so dedicated that each eyelash extensionist must pass a test given by the studio themselves before working on the client. The Extensionist 918 wants to make sure their artists perform quality yet flawless work and it shows.

Here, artists are able to grow as they are constantly learning new techniques. As they learn more they earn higher lash degrees and eventually are able to gain a master title. The Extensionist 918 expresses wanting to stand out in the eyelash extensions world. They feel the best way to do this is by taking extra good care of their clients. They value their clientele and work to make them happy. The customer always comes first to them. After many requests, The Extensionist 918 added hair extensions to their line of work. They offer 100% real authentic human hair in the form of hand-tied extensions. For the customers convenience, the studio is able to make same-day appointments for installations. There is an array from colors to pick from and there is a color expert available to help you pick the perfect match.

As you can see, The Extensionist 918 is dedicated to their customers as well as their community. The studio takes one dollar from every service performed and puts it to the side. Later, this money is donated to their chosen charity compassion. This charity benefits children in need and is very important to the studio. The Extensionist 918 is located on 15th and Harvard Tulsa or off of 86th St. in Owasso. If you would like to review their services you can visit their website at www.thextensionist918.com or call 918-940-2888 to make an appointment. The Extensionist 918 looks forward to seeing you!

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | $1 Brow Threading

The Extensionist 918, the eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, offers eyebrow threading. This service will help to shape and cleanup your eyebrows to create a fresh look. The technique is very interesting; a thread made of usually cotton is crisscrossed and twisted together. Then it is rolled over the area of hair being removed. It can be somewhat painful as it creates a plucking like feeling. Although, multiple hair follicles are able to be removed at once therefore it is a quicker way of plucking your eyebrows. There are a few different techniques; most technicianists perform brow threading with their hand but others perform it with their mouth were there.

Eyebrow threading has become very popular recently as it creates a very precise look which is why this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio adopted this technique. Although some say that the threading technique be more painful than waxing itself. Although there are many benefits to brow threading. For example, no hair is left behind when you thread, it were remove the whole hair follicle. Also, the work is more precise than waxing. You are able to control the shape of the eyebrows more with the threading technique.

Brow waxing can be dangerous as this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio was aware of. Waxing the same scan time after time can be very damaging. The temperature of the wax can burn your skin and also allergies to the wax can be harmful as well. Wax is also less forgiving. If the technician makes a mistake there is little you can do to fix it. Although it threading the technician is able to see the work they are doing as they go and adjust accordingly. They are follicle is they pull the thread. If they do not like the placement that they are able to adjust the threat. As I mentioned the brow threading material is made out of cotton. This eliminates a lot of concern regarding allergies.

This form of hair removal originated in India. It is actually known to be the gentlest form of hair removal. Therefore, although people do not enjoy it, it is said to be less painful than waxing or tweezing. Top of that, it does the job because people are happier with the results. The service itself is said to be quick and easy. Unlike after a wax appointment, you are able to run errands or see friends afterwards as you will not have Burns or red marks on your eyebrows.

The Extensionist 918 is currently offering a one dollar lash thread appointment to both, former and clients. Take advantage of this service while you can and see for yourself! In order to sign up, visit The Extensionist 918 website at www.thextensionist918.com and fill out the form under the about us tab. It mentions the one dollar lash thread and has a link to click. Here, you will fill out your information and The Extensionist 918 will contact you about an appointment time. You can also call the studio during store hours to book an appointment at 918-940-2888.

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