The eyelash extensions Tulsa Oklahoma The Extensionist 918 studio, provides many different services. This is convenient for their clientele as they have to make fewer stops. They are able to get their services or treatments done in one-stop at The Extensionist 918. The studio offers consultations regarding certain services, eyebrow services, eyelash services, facials, hair extensions, permanent makeup, and even education courses.

As mentioned, the eyelash extensions Tulsa studio service options. To begin, The Extensionist 918 offers a consultation for a fibroblast skin tightening appointment. Here, an expert will assess the clients skin so they are able to receive the best treatment when they return for their appointment. The eyebrow services consist of a brow lamination or a brow lamination with tint and wax. Eyebrow laminations have become very popular today. For years, many women have been brushing their eyebrows upward toward their airline. The eyebrows look fuller and have more shape to them whatever they lay this way. As the day goes on, it is difficult to keep them in this position.

The eyelash extensions Tulsa studio can help! Laminating your eyebrows can help to glue those eyebrows in place. Basically, a brow lamination treatment perms the eyebrow hairs in a position of hearing more fall, even, and shaped. To begin the treatment, the technician will spread a perming type of cream into the eyebrows while brushing them upwards. Once the eyebrow hairs are brushed vertically, the technician will use the brush to provide a little more shape to the brows. Maybe add a little arch in there! Next, the technician will apply a neutralizer cream on top of the perming cream. After this sets, the technician will wipe the creams away.

Your eyebrows will remain stiff and in place. Lastly, the technician will apply and oil to reduce any skin irritation or dryness that the perming cream may have caused. Even after the oil is absorbed, the brow lamination itself should provide a shining effect to the eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination treatment is a great option for those who are tired of using eyebrow gel every day to achieve the shape and shine that this treatment provides. Also, this treatment can benefit those who may have thin or thinng brows as they will appear more full laying vertically rather than horizontally.

It is important to maintain and take care of your laminated eyebrows. The upkeep is pretty simple; apply oil is often as you feel the need to in order to keep the eyebrows hydrated. If they feel or appear brittle or trying to apply some extra oil. Keeping the moisturized well make the treatment last longer and keep the eyebrow shape intact. Many people add an eyebrow tint and wax onto their brow lamination treatment. The wax tends to add a more defined look to the eyebrows once the treatment is complete. The tint makes the eyebrows standout or pop more after being dyed with permanent hair color. Visit The Extensionist 918 website or call 918-940-2888 to make brow lamination appointment.

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Benefit From Dermaplane

The Extensionist 918, the eyelash extensions Tulsa Oklahoma studio provides various services and treatments such as facials. The dermaplane facial is very popular here as it removes dead skin and hair and leaves you glowing! Dermaplaning is basically a form of intense exfoliation. A scalpel looking tool is used to scrape the dead skin or hair from your face as it removes the very top layer of skin. This can help reduce the appearance of peach fuzz or splotchy makeup.

The Dermaplane treatment at the eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, also helps to improve skin health. By removing the dead skin and hair, skin care products are able to be absorbed into the new skin easier. Microdermabrasion is similar to dermaplaning as it cleans the skin and removes unwanted bacteria. Although, like the derma plane tool, the microdermabrasion tool is used to section instead of scrape. Therefore, it is not necessarily remove any skin. The Extensionist 918 only offers the derma plane treatment because it is more effective and provides the most benefits, as mentioned.

At the eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, many clients worry the drama plan facial will be painful when they see the scalpel tool. Although, dermaplaning feels like a shaving sensation. It is essentially the same thing as shaving your legs or your face. The technician even uses shaving techniques when performing a derma plan facial. The treatment should be administered by a licensed technician as there is a sharply involved and you must be properly trained to use it. Therefore dermaplaning is a pain free treatment although, this shaving should be done by a professional.

People often notice results and benefits right away. Dermaplaning creates a brighter and more even skin tone while also improving the texture of the skin. The skin feels extra smooth as the dead and dry skin along with the peach fuzz have been removed. Lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable as the new fresh skin gives makeup or other things fewer places to settle. Facial pores also appear smaller as they are clean and clear now! Dermaplaning facials can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer or suffered from acne as it can help remove or reduce scarring while keeping the skin fresh and clean and not allowing bacteria to build up.

Derma plane removes about three weeks worth of dead skin so it is best to wait three weeks between appointments. It is crucial to take care of the new skin between these appointments as well. Sunscreen is the most important as you are dealing with brand-new scan that has not been exposed to this at can be damaged very easily. The derma plane treatment and results will not be as effective if you do not maintain care afterwards. The facial is quick and easy lasting only about 50 minutes. The treatment itself usually cost anywhere between $100 to $200 The Extensionist 918 offers the facial for $60. If you are interested in the derma plane treatment visit to learn more or call 918-940-2888 to make a consultation or appointment.

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