if you’re located in Oklahoma you are looking for eyelash extensions Tulsa area to give us a call today at flutter. Fletcher is a eyelash brand and company that is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. We are a small local business servant Tulsa area and surrounding cities like Owasso, Jenks, Brookside, broken arrow and other surrounding areas. We offer amazing services like eyelash extensions, hair extensions, eyebrow threading, in other beauty enhancing services. We have been open since 2014 and we have been able to dominate the local area with our lashes that a flow volume that women love so much. Our salon start off eyelash extensions but in due time he grew to other locations and other services.

If you are looking for the best price eyelash extensions Tulsa area they make sure you contact our brand. We have the best Al-Azhar is that you will find in the Tulsa area. We do not allow any of our eyelash technician stooges do anything they want to do. Each and every one of our eyelash technicians are trained very extensively. They provide a professional background check, a professional background resume of doing lashes as well as a professional license. We provide a Sony relaxing services to clients. This is a place where you come to get pampered as a woman. CCR servicing if you like to review all the services and products that we offer to our clients.

If you’re looking for a nice eyelash extensions Tulsa brick-and-mortar stories as well as tie and relax while you get pampered and give us a call today. We will be happy this could be of interest claimant for you. One great thing about our company is that which really appreciate our clients and customers. We never let you leave unsatisfied. If anything is ever all we always go above and beyond to correct it for you prior to leaving our shop. You also risk will receive your very first eyebrow threading service for only one dollars total. This is for new clients and existing clients as well. Our Lash artist become a member of our team and they are trained to excellence. This can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. We do not allow anyone to play around your eyes on your face without the proper training and proven method being down pact.

We hear a lot about clients as well as is care not about grant. This is why we go above and beyond to make sure that you actually eating the best service. Whatever we offer you we will provide for you. Our main goal is to bring you the very best eyelash techniques and technician said that they can be able to make you look more beautiful than ever. You can enhance your beauty simply by adding a layer to to your natural lashes. This helps women feel more confident and keeps them from having to put glue around their eyes. We go above and beyond for our clients and we take pride in offering the best eyelashes paying what has seen in the Tulsa area.

Is a call today if you would like to discuss anything with us or book an appointment. If you have any questions or concerns us we are very friendly. Feel free to chat at any time. We are always available to answer any questions because we are never too busy for you. Give us a call today at 918-940-2888. Feel free to visit our website at any time by going to thextensionist918.com.

What Are The Most Wonderful Eyelash Extensions Tulsa Pros?


are you a woman who is located in the local Oklahoma area you are looking for an amazing eyelash extensions also technician to be able to make your eyelashes look so beautiful? Give us a call today at flutter. If you have not heard flutter we are an amazing eyelash brand lives in able to quickly take over the Tulsa area. We have locations in Midtown Tulsa, Owasso, broken arrow, Jenks, in other locations. We started after serving eyelashes on a platter of gold it to women who absolutely love to sparkle. We love mean able to beautify ourselves and make ourselves look so amazing. We love to be able to do the same for our local beauty cleans like yourself. Our specialty is eyelash extensions although we do offer other services. Visit any of our locations and receive eyelash extensions, brow threading, and hair extensions depending on the location.

Flutter is one of the best eyelash extensions Tulsa companies that you will find. We offer a list of services including classic eyelash extensions which focus on giving you a single extension attached to each individual eyelash one at a time. What is this do? What this does is it creates a long-term and slightly bolder Lash. Make sure lashes than absolutely more than they normally would with the additional extension length and double the thickness. This is one of your great service option for those who don’t like extremely thick lashes. If you are more of a natural Lash kind of girl illicitly the best option for you.

However, if you would like to get eyelash extensions Tulsa area that are a little bolder but still giving you a extremely fine blend of natural the you may want to look our lended hybrid eyelash extensions. Our blended hybrid eyelash extensions are a mixture of classic and volume extensions. You get a mixture of both of those lashes of tests each one of your natural eyelashes. It creates a natural volume for those who want a light, fluffy volume stands now Lash. The result you receive from looking our blended eyelash extensions is a natural, light look. It won’t be so plain that there are noticeable with a will be so bold if you could tell that they are actually Lash extensions. This will give you a common blend.

If you absolutely love boat volumous lashes, they give us a call today! We have the perfect bowl volume eyelash extension for you. What is a bolder volume eyelash? A bowl volume eyelash is a bolder volume stands out Lash. This results in a more dramatic look. If you wear strip eyelashes that it would require you to apply glue this would be more equal to a faux mink style eyelash. It is only give you not too much length, but a lid that is just perfect enough for your lashes to stand out boldly. It will also give you more volume flights in most of the eyelash extensions that you commonly see.

If you have any other question or concerns about eyelash extensions they give us a call. We will love to assist you in any way possible. You can feel free to visit our website because it will have so much information about eyelash towels, thickness, pricing, and how often they need to be touched. Visit our website today by going to thextensionist918.com. Feel free to give us a call if needed at 918-940-2888.

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