If you are eyelash extensions Tulsa company, The Extensionist 918 is the place to go! They install the eyelash extensions town. The process is simple and easy. Basically, synthetic material made lashes are glued onto natural/one by one. One synthetic clash goes on top of one natural/. These are unlikely to slip or move as they are applied with surgical glue to ensure they stick Through showers, face washing, I make up for moving, etc. It is a pain-free process as under I stickers are put on to ensure nothing gets in the clients eyes. The clients eyes are also closed for the duration of the appointment.

The eyelash extensions Tulsa location spoken of a full eyelash extension application takes between an hour to two hours. It is tedious work and it is important to The Extensionist 918 that their technicians have the time to do their best work. As mentioned the clients eyes are closed during this time so this is a good time for many people to take a nap or a rest. Most clients find this appointment to be a good time to relax. These lashes are lightweight so you should not be bothered.

The eyelash extensions Tulsa salon encourages their clients to take good care of their lashes after installation. Maintaining and taking care of your eyelash extensions is very important. This is important to ensure your natural lashes stay as healthy as possible and to help the duration of the extensions. The better care of the lash extensions you take the longer they will last and the better they will look. Most clients get a fill in lash appointment every two or three weeks. During these appointments, any missing lashes will be filled in for me to look fresh again. These appointments take far less time than the initial insulation appointment.

Taking care of your eyelash extensions also protects your natural lashes has mentioned. If you fail to do this your natural eyelashes will suffer. They may fall out, break off, or become brittle. Therefore as good as eyelash extensions look it is so important to maintain their care. The downside of having lash extensions such as ruining your natural eyelashes is able to be avoided as just spoke about. There are so many positives and benefits from having eyelash extensions installed. They do an amazing job of enhancing your natural eyelashes. They will appear to be volumous, longer, and darker. These extensions will naturally lift your eyelashes see you no longer have to crawl them.

The Extensionist 918 does a great job of enhancing your eyes natural look using eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are also great for every day wear as they do not require mascara and are water resistant. This has helped simplify many women’s lives as do not have to worry about putting on makeup and taking off daily. You simply wake up and brush them! To simplify your own visit www.thextensionist918.com to contact the studio or call the studio directly at 918-940-2888.

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Fibroblast Versus Botox

The Extensionist 918, the Eyelash extensions Tulsa studio offers various beauty enhancing services. One of the services is a 30 minute fibroblast consultation. Each potential fibroblast client must go through this 30 minute consultation before booking an appointment to receive the actual fibroblasting service. Each client will be treated differently depending on their skin and it is important the technicians at The Extensionist 918 are able to get a good look and make a plan before proceeding. The studio’s website mentions that if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you’ll be charged $50 for the consultation. Although, the consultation itself is free. You only pay for the fibroblast service itself.

Many people have come to be eyelash extensions Tulsa location are not familiar with fibroblasting. Fibroblast is a skin tightening treatment. Basically, it will tighten any areas that SAG by removing excessive tissue. Fibroblast is most popularly performed on the face although it can help improve or eliminate any sagging, wrinkles, stretch marks, can even help improve scarring anywhere. For many, this treatment has served as a noninvasive alternative to such procedures as a facelift which pose many dangers and risks. Fibroblast results are also gradual and buildable which many clients enjoy as they are able to gauge the results they want unlike a facelift procedure which is permanent.

The eyelash extensions Tulsa studio is happy to tell you how it works! The fibroblast tool used to perform the treatment looks like a clear glass with a ball on the end. The ball is a probe that ionizes atmospheric gas between the probe itself and the skins natural gases. This creates a form of electricity between the skin and the probe that will ultimately, shrinks or tightens the tissue and skin underneath the probe. The fibroblast treatment is able to provide a more fresh and youthful appearance by tightening the skin anymore natural way.

People often wonder if fibroblast therapy is safe. In fact, it is. As mentioned, there is no medications or invasiveness that come with the fibroblast treatment. This greatly reduces the risk of any side effects. Unlike Botox, there is no needles involved either. This also reduces any potential danger as no foreign substance is being injected to your skin and therefore, your body. Overall, fibroblast therapy is a very low risk treatment. Another perk about fibroblast is the long-lasting results; fibroblast results can last for years whereas Botox begins to wear off after even a few short months.

As mentioned, fibroblast results are far better and last far longer than other treatments such as Botox. Yet surprisingly the pricing is better than treatments like Botox. A Fibroblast treatment can range from $150 to $800 depending on the areas you are treating whereas botox treatments can easily be over $1000. Therefore, you’re getting more for your money with fibroblast. If you are interested in a fibroblast consultation you can book online! Dont hesitate and visit us today at www.thextensionist918.com or call the studio at 918-940-2888. The Extensionist 918 looks forward to seeing you!

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