The extensionist 918 offers eyelash extensions tulsa. We are home at a $125 classic set of eyelash extensions. We have a no-brainer offer of a one dollar per hour threat at any of our five locations for just one dollar. This is available to new and current clients. We are Oklahoma’s highest rated movies, google reviewed eyelash extensions, studio, and salon, offering a range of services from eyelash extensions and eyelash lift, eyebrow services, and hair extensions. With five locations in counting this is a no-brainer. You don’t want to miss out on the awesome experience you’ll have by going here.

What services of permanent make are offered at eyelash extensions tulsa? We have a process to make sure that you will be as comfortable as you possibly can be. We used different numbing solutions. A lot of clients will end up falling asleep. We always free draw of your make up before your procedure starts and orders for you to see and approve the results. This process can take up to three hours and the touch ups after it here are usually two hours. You will be lying down for the whole service. When booking be sure to do note that you will be more sensitive to pain during her cycle.

What do I need to know before eyelash extensions Tulsa permanent make up? Before the procedure everything that you need to do to get you prepared is no exercise within 24 hours. We don’t allow you to have alcohol for at least two days. There’s no tanning or no sunbathing for at least a week. There’s no bra, waxing or tinting. The more you have is better. Avoid all lasers, chemical peels or any facial procedures for at least two weeks. No Botox or filler on your face or eye area. For at least a month.

We have a cancellation policy that you must follow in order to be quiet. So if you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your appointment you will be fine. You have to do so outside of the 48 hours for a no charge. We are more than happy to cancel or reschedule but it cannot be 48 hours before. If you cancel or reschedule within the 48 hours you will be charged a $50 fee. So if you are, I know that you’re gonna have a cancellation or reschedule. Let us know the better. We love communication, and we do not want any of our professionals to go without.

Visit us online at to learn more about us, to see all the services that we offer, to see what clients say about us, and testimonials, to book now, to follow us on Instagram, and like it’s on Facebook. You can experience Oklahoma’s highest rated and the most google reviewed eyelash extension artist around. We can’t wait to serve you.
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We offer eyelash extensions tulsa, but not just any eyelash extensions. We offer the best. We are home of the $125 classics of eyelash extensions and we are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most. Google reviewed eyelash extension studio and salon. We offer a range of services from eyelash extensions to lash lift, eyebrows services, and hair extensions. We have five locations making it super easy for any one of the Tulsa metro area to visit one of our locations. We have a no-brainer offer of where it’s at your first time with us. You can get a brow threading done for only one dollar. This is good for new and existing clients. If it’s your first time you get it for a dollar!

What do you do at eyelash extensions tulsa? All eyelash extensions come in a wide Friday look at styles. If you want a certain looking style, you are always welcome to bring some for a consultation and we can be more than happy to help me decide. We can’t wait to get you feeling confident with his brand new said that you end up choosing. If you don’t like your set no worries if you wanna go fuller longer or shorter we can definitely do that and do it at your next bill without you having to get a new set or start over.

How to prepare for tulsa eyelash extensions day? If it is the day off for your eyelash extensions, please make sure you arrive on time so you get the entire service time. You don’t want them not to finish her run into somebody else’s appointment because you were late. Please always make sure to go to the restroom before the service. We always asked you not to consume a lot of fluids. He will be laying down for almost 2 hours and it can affect you if you have to get up. If you need headphones, please do so to keep you calm. We want you to be as comfortable as you can considering it can take two hours. No chewing gum or candy. No kids are able to use it on you. I am always making sure you’re prepared to stay for the entire service. We can’t wait for you to absolutely love your lashes.

We offer classic extensions. This is the one that is mostly known to look natural but it’s not always true. It all depends on what link a girl you choose. We offer blended extensions, which is a combination of two techniques which is classic and volume. This is also known as the hybrid, we offer a natural volume which is the application of just volume fans. This is great for people who have spar, certain lashes and that creates a dark lash line.

Visit us online at to learn more about us, to go over any other services that we offer, the book now and more. We are on Facebook and Instagram, so I can keep up with all exclusive deals. You can call us 918-940-2888 and get your appointment scheduled to experience Oklahoma’s hydrated and most google reviewed eyelash extensions, studio, and salon.

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