At The Extensionist 918, the eyelash extensions Tulsa salon, they offer services such as eyelash extensions, brow threading, eyelash lifts and tints, teeth whitening, and hair extensions. Salon sticks to only a few services to ensure that they are able to do their best work instead of being spread thin. They also hire experts that solely focus on one service which also enforces quality work.

This remains true about the eyelash extensions Tulsa salon as they offer one kind of hair extensions; hand-tied extensions. Although they offer one kind, they offer the best. Hand-tied hair extensions have become very popular in the last year. They must be installed very carefully and as said before, The Extensionist 918 only hires experts. The styles here are perfectionists and love what they do; The installation process can take up to five hours. As mentioned, it is tedious work but must be done at this pace to ensure it is installed correctly and looks the best that it can.

At the appointment, the eyelash extensions Tulsa salon will show you to your stylist. The stylus where you will discuss the number of rows you would like. One weft is one row. Some clients get one row and some get up to four so it often depends on how thick the client would like to be. Once this is determined, the stylus will help you pick from the 50 color choices of 100% authentic human hair. The Extensionist 918 does not offer hair coloring services. Although, there are plenty colors to pick from to make sure you’re able to find a match between your hair color and the extensions. There is a color expert in the salon who will help you find the perfect match. This will ensure that the extension blend into your real hair.

After you pick the perfect color, your stylist will walk you to their station where you will begin the installation process. To begin, small beads are attached one by one onto a row of hair somewhere in the middle of the head. The beads will be placed over tiny strands of hair. Next, the weft of hair you picked will be sewn/ weaved into your hair and ultimately attach to the beads that have already been installed in the area. These beads will hold the weft of hair in. Once you lay down your top layer of hair that you have put up in order to install the weft, you will not be able to see the left of hair.

This is how the weft is disguised. Once done installing, the stylist will cut the hand-tied extensions to match or at least blend with your natural hair. After this, the extensions often look very natural. Pricing is often discussed at the beginning when determining how many wefts of hair you will be installing. If you would like to discuss pricing call The Extensionist 918 at 918-940-2888 to speak to a stylist or visit their website to learn more about hand-tied extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Hand-tied Hair Extensions Perks

The eyelash extension so salon, The Extensionist 918 is famous for their hand-tied hair extensions. The stylist there want to transform beautiful hair into even better hair using their great quality hair extensions. Hand-tied hair extensions help your hair to a statement by adding volume. This helps to this many womens confidence or gives them a pick me up to have fun, new and improved hair.

Hand-tied extensions have become popular all over as well at this eyelash extensions Tulsa salon. They are featured all over social medias has more more people are getting them installed. Although, sometimes you cannot tell if someone has hand-tied extensions or not. Out of all the hair extensions available today, the hand-tied left seems to be the best one on the market. Hand-tied extensions are very natural looking and hairstylists are able to make them blend into the clients natural hair rather easily.
On top of looking the best, and tight extensions are also the best in terms of hair health as well. They are said to be the least damaging hair extensions available today.

At the eyelash extensions Tulsa salon, The beads that are installed onto a row of hair, evenly distribute the weight of the weft whenever it is put on top of them. Therefore the weft is not too heavy on the here or pulling on the root of it no matter if your hair is thin, thick, fine, course, etc. Also, if your hair is thin you do not have to worry about the weft showing Where it Has been tied in. These wefts of hair are thinner than other hair extensions on the market. This ensures it will not pull on and damage your hair and makes it easier to disguise and went.

Hand-Tied hair extensions are also nice because you do not have to replace them often. Although they hair can be expensive especially depending on how many wefts you are installing, you are able to reuse them for months. They are said to last between six and eight months. Between the six and eight months he will get them moved up numerous times as they begin to loosen or grow out. Typically, clients get their hand-tied hair extensions reinstalled/ moved up once every 6 to 8 weeks. Some clients hair grows faster than others and they will have to get theirs moved up or out.

There are so many ways you can style tied hair extensions. As said before, they are so thin and also hidden by laying on the scalp, that there is endless styling options as they are easy to hide. Eventually, you will forget you have them as they will feel like part of your hair. If you are interested hand-tied hair extensions The Extensionist 918 is the only place to get them! They have the best hair options and the best stylist to ensure they are installed correctly and looking their best. Make an appointment by calling the salon at 918-940-2888 or view The Extensionist 918 website by visiting

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