The eyelash extensions Tulsa business known as The Extensionist 918 offers various different lashes that can be applied various types of occasions. On the company’s website, it gives a breakdown of the different lashes for those who are new to eyelash extensions. Each set of lashes and techniques look amazing so you are able to experiment with different ones throughout your appointments. You are able to get one style one time and try a different style of the next appointment.

Many people at this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, start lighter more moderate. Although clients love it is a big adjustment first. Therefore many people tend to build their lashes over time. As you adjust to each set of lashes and each work, he will get use to the lashes and they want to go more dramatic the next appointment. Clients usually get there eyelash extensions filled in about every two weeks has some of them will fall out or grow out. Here, this appointment you will be able to add more lashes, more volume, or a longer lashes. The technician can work with you to attain the look you are looking for or perfecter lashes the way you would like. A lot of clients with their lashes as they start small and then grow to want more and more and more. It becomes a healthy addiction!

As I mentioned there are different application styles at this eyelash extensions Tulsa studio. Although, no matter what style you are looking for the application process is always a similar experience. It is always one-on-one, you and the technician working on your eyelashes. Again, no matter the lashes you pick, one lash will be applied to one of your real eyelashes. If more than one lash is applied it can damage your real eyelashes. Therefore you also have to consider your style, the fullness, and length of the lashes you are putting on. In the end, it is up to the client but if you overload your regular eyelashes, it can result in permanent damage.

If the false lashes are applied incorrectly, they can be uncomfortable. The client should be able to clean the applied lashes without tucking or pulling. They should not hurt. Therefore if you are unable to clean the lashes and they have not been applied correct. Applying the lashes correctly also poses the risk of not only discomfort but infection. If your eyelid becomes red or irritated it is best that you have the lashes removed and looked out to be possibly reapplied.

Technique is very important to The Extensionist 918 so they are experts at applying the eyelash extensions to look perfect and also protect their clients health. If there is ever an issue the studio is happy to get you went right away to make sure there is no error on their ends. Customer service comes first to the studio. If you are looking for an amazing eyelash extension application The Extensionist 918 will not let you down. To view the list of eyelash extension options you can visit where there is full descriptions of each option or call 918-940-2888.

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Lash Extension Styles

At the eyelash extensions Tulsa studio, The Extensionist 918,
eyelashes are taken very seriously. The studio wanted their clients to have all the options available. In order to make this happen they had to hire experts in various areas of the Lash extension business. Every technician specializes in a different style of lash extensions. The Extensionist 918 has all the lashes on the market at their studio.

This eyelash extensions Tulsa business has multiple eyelash application styles you can choose from or you can always create your own. As mentioned, they have all the materials on the market to do so. Clients leave the studio with all different styles of eyelashes. Who knew there could be so many different eyelash looks? The Extensionist 918 loves to mix it up! They enjoy learning and experimenting with new styles. This is how they continue to improve and continue to press their customers.

On the company’s eyelash extensions Tulsa website there are a few different styles mentioned and broken down for people who are not familiar. Clients can pick from a classic lash set, a volume lash set, or a hybrid lash set. A classic eyelash set application consists of single lash extensions that are .15mm in diameter. Other salons use thicker extensions for this application. Up to .25mm. Although, The Extensionist 918 does not agree with this as anything thicker and heavier than the .15mm extensions Way down and ultimately damage the clients natural eyelashes. These .15mm extensions are put on one by one onto each individual lash. The/set will add a little more volume but can improve length a lot. Many clients prefer this more natural look.

The volume eyelash extensions is also very popular today. It is a newer technique than the classic one. The technician will layer very thin lashes on top of each other. This creates more of a fan look as though lashes are stacked. The smoke also adds more volume as the lashes are more filled in. Compared to the classic extensions, the volume lashes applied are .03mm to .10mm in diameter. The thinner extension allows the technician to stock or layer them without it being too heavy for the natural eyelash. The hybrid eyelash set is considered a combination of both the classic extension set and the volume extension set.

Therefore, the classic eyelash set appears to look more natural, the volume eyelash set appears look more fluffy and fan like, and the hybrid eyelash application is a mixture of both, the classic and the volume application. For many clients, the hybrid lash set creates the best of both worlds as they are able to alter the ratio between the two sets. You are able to do half classic lashes and have volume lashes or you can add more of one or the other depending what luck you are going for. Although, you cannot go wrong no matter which style you choose. You are in great hands at The Extensionist 918. Book an appointment online at or call 918-940-2888 to speak to a technician.

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