If you are interested in eyelash extensions Tulsa locations. Then you should consider checking out the Extensionist, the home of the $100, classic full set of eyelash extensions. Here, we help your eyes pop and your lashes flutter. Whether you want a simple list or extension, we can help you. We have a variety of services that you will love and that will only allow you to bring out your inner beauty. From eyebrow services to hair extensions, what can help you have a full and luxurious look. We have five locations that serve Tulsa and the surrounding areas, so no matter where you are, you can come to us.

If you are looking for eyelash extensions Tulsa providers, then we are the place for you. We have various names throughout our location is in Tulsa. However, all of them are under the Extensionist title. If you were interested in our locations, then we would be happy to direct you to where those are. In Broken Arrow, we have our location located between North 9th Street. It is called sweater end and is not far from a QuikTrip. we also have, in Midtown Tulsa, a location on 15th Street and Harvard. It is called The Extensionist. There, it is not far from a Rib Crib BBQ.

Other eyelash extensions Tulsa locations include the Owasso location located between 86th Street North and North 125th East Ave. It is also called The Extensionist and you can find it not far from the church of Owasso. Additionally, we have our Brookside location which is located near a Whole Foods Market. This is located near Peoria and 41st. This location is called Wink Eyelash Salon. Finally, we have a Tulsa location where you can all of your facial features below up. In fact that is the name of this location, Glo Up. This location is located between 81st and Memorial. It is also near a quick trip and not far from El Tequila.

No matter what location you decide to go to, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. We make sure that we provide you with all of the service and products. Additionally, all of our girls love what they do and love helping customers for you beautiful and full of fluttering beauty. Whatever service you desire, we can help you. We can help you extend your eyelashes, fill them in, left them, or even repair them if they are breaking. We can help you with your eyebrows and do some threading and if you are interested in hair extensions we can do that to you.

No matter what type of choice you are after, we at The Extensionist can help you. We have many locations around Tulsa and surrounding areas so that way no matter where you live, you can benefit from our amazing Services. We guarantee that you will love what we do because we love what we do. We believe that our products are cute and that you will truly sense there quality. You can go to our website today at https://thextensionist918.com/ or call us at 918-940-2888 if you would like to learn more information.

Eyelash Extensions Tulsa | Brows and Lashes

Have you ever considered getting eyelash extensions Tulsa? If so, then we have the best place for you. Not only do we have many different locations that you can choose from, but every single one of our employees was what they do and does a phenomenal job. We are at The Extensionist and hve 5 locations around Tulsa. We are the home of the $100 classic full set of eyelash extensions, and we also offer $1 first time brow threads for both new and current clients of all genders. We guarantee that you will be blown away by the quality of service we provide and the attention to detail. So come in today and book your appointment with us.

We offer a variety of services in addition to our eyelash extensions Tulsa services. When you come to our stores, you can receive eyelash extensions and the lift Services, eyebrow services, and hair extensions. We provide you with the flutter difference that you will not get in other locations. Here, our goal is not only to stay current with the aesthetic of the magistrate, but also just delivered above standard quality services and training to every single one of our clients and staff. So when you come to us, you know you were getting the best and most up-to-date in the industry.

If you are interested in our services such as our eyelash extensions Tulsa ones, then look no further. We can help you clean up and tame all of your facial hair areas. If you are interested in eyebrow threading, for instance, we can help you tame those beautiful brows. If you’ve never experienced the feeling after having your brows and lashes done at the same time, then we recommend coming to us to experience amazing sensation for yourself. If you are not aware of what starting is, it is simply the manual hair removal technique whichOriginated in India. You just pluck all the unnecessary and unwanted hair from your eyebrows making them look nice and on point.

We can also help you by working with your eyelash. If you are interested in getting extensions, then this is the place for you. Basically, we can perform different types of applications. There are many different kinds and we can do basic ones which can extend the length curl and diameter. We can also apply the extensions to each individual eyelash. This helps make sure that they stay isolated, and do not damage you were normal eyelashes. It is important that your natural eyelashes are protected and do not pull or get torn out. It is very important that these are installed correctly, and that is why you should come to us because we can do that for you.

If you are interested in receiving any of our services and would like to have both your eyebrows and eyelashes worked on at the same time, then you should come to her website today at https://thextensionist918.com/ or call us at 918-940-2888. We would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have about our brow and eyelashes Services. We guarantee that you will be interested in satisfied with the results that we provide.

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