Tulsa Eyelash Extensions Is a team of seriously talented hard-working women that love what they do. They offer a full lash service menu to suit your needs and specialize in eyelash extensions. Flutter started the eyelash extensions in Broken Arrow Oklahoma in 2014 now they have a multitude and of locations South Tulsa Midtown Tulsa Broken Arrow Brookside and Tulsa Owasso they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon Tulsa has to offer search and no more if you have looking for the best price and quality eyelash extension please see our service menu for more and deploying to all the amazing service they offer in Tulsa and surrounding areas. all artists are all extensively trained. Go check out their services for a more in-depth look at the amazing Services they offer in Tulsa surrounding areas.

Tulsa eyelash extensions is the best salon for eyelash extensions in town check this place out besides providing lash extensions they have lots of other services available as well you will not have any issues at all. Each last artist that becomes a member of their team is trained until their application to our standard of Excellence micro pigmentation is the service they provide. Their specialty is eyelash extensions they offer full service eyelashes into menu along with brow facial and payment makeup services the fullest extensions available very dark and dramatic Mega volume extreme eyelash extensions they have a semi-permanent lip coloring I mean this stuff is off the chain you got to go for more information and payment makeup go to the website and check them out.

Looking for a skin tightening treatment that reduces Fine Lines wrinkles stretch marks and loose skin check out Tulsa eyelash extensions like I said they offer a variety of different Services classic eyelash extension hydrafacials powder ombre brows semi-permanent brows that may make the look of makeup it is the absolute best when getting ready in the morning you’re cutting off 30 minutes of your time your face looks more Fuller looks brighter with eyelashes use less mascara it just cuts off so much time and getting ready in the morning they have such a great team I was such a great service you just gotta check them out. Go check out their service page and learn more.

Tulsa eyelash extensions offers not only the powder ombre brows microblading combo brows at combination of powder and microblading brows I mean all permanent makeup Services typically get touched up everyone to 2 years semi-permanent bowels and mimic the look of makeup which is their powder and you’ve got classic eyelashes extensions thing on your sister just has to each individual eyelash one at a time after using flutter 6 months in a row you will absolutely love the lashes as they get done weekly and they always look amazing. They want your experience to be as relaxing as refreshing as possible and are always here to assist you.

Don’t forget there are five convenient locations including Broken Arrow South Tulsa Midtown Tulsa Brookside and Owasso give us a call at 918-940-2888 Or visit us Online at

Tulsa Eyelash Extensions | With Your New Eyebrows

Tulsa eyelash extensions not only provide you with the best eyelash extensions it also provides semi-permanent brows that mimic the look of makeup from your powder ombre brows your microblading combo brows it is amazing from the lip blushing to the fibroblast skin tightening treatment that reduces Fine Lines wrinkles stretch marks and loose skin semi-permanent brows and mimic hair stroke the combination powders and microblading. ombre proud powder differs from traditional tattooing and that is surface work meaning the application is done on the epidermis layer of the skin as I semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look this amazing technique is not for the weak.

Ombre brows also known as powdered brows is just one of the many services Tulsa eyelash extensions offers. The amazing technique first developed in Asia and Tulsa eyelash extensions ran with it. They give great definition and depth. Recommend for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone that fills in their brows and they can make it perfect. Pain varies from person to person but they can make your experience a lot less painful. Can last anywhere between two to five years. Look fuller, more defined as well as dramatic. They make it a bit less invasive. Dark-haired clients benefit the most from it. One of the most trusted studios in Tulsa.

Looking for hybrid eyelash extensions Tulsa Eyelash Extensions have mastered this technique. The half way step between a classic set of extensions and a volume set. They can make you look stunning texturized and give a life-like non uniform lash look. They are versatile in offering a thicker denser look. They can also be a great way to achieve the staggered look. A bit of extra drama Also greatest for anyone with naturally fine and slightly gappy eyelashes. Process takes up to two hours because they have customized the size and shape but don’t get discouraged; they can make the experience amazing for you.

Long eyelashes and bushy brows have been trending for a while but those features barely hold a candle to pouty lips. Tulsa Eyelash extensions does the best lip blushing in Tulsa. Expecting a long painful experience, well you are in for a surprise when it comes to Tulsa Eyelash extensions. They might shock you with just how natural the results of their lip blushing can be. Makes your lipid only slightly fuller and a little more shapely. Imagine rolling out of bed with a perfectly pouty pigmented to your exact liking kisser every morning. A form of cosmetic tattooing to enhance shape symmetry and color of lips and they offer the best.

Experience Okalhomsa highest rated and most reviews. Come into any of our locations, and receive your first brow threading for JUST $1! This applies to new and current clients of all genders! Contact us today to schedule an appointment! If you are thinking of enhancing your beauty, feel free to get in touch with us at 918-940-2888 or visit us online at Theextentionist918.com

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