Tulsa eyelash extensions are right here in your fingertips. We provide so many different services so that you can have beautiful eyelashes. Our wonderful services provide lengths and volumes for everybody. We have classic eyelash extensions, blended eyelash extensions and we also have mega volume eyelash extensions. This makes it so easy for you to decide the look you’re going for.

Our classic eyelash extensions are perfect for a natural beauty. Classic Tulsa eyelash extensions are absolutely stunning. Nobody will be able to know if they are real or fake. Your eyelash extension will look like you’re wearing mascara with the curled eyelash. This makes it so easy for you to leave the house without the need of mascara. You will please blown away at how naturally beautiful you will look. Go ahead and throw away your mascara. This is the service for you. You will look like a natural beauty.

If you want to step up your eyelash game you can do so with these Tulsa eyelash extensions. The blended eyelash extension consist of a mixture of both volume and classic false eyelashes. This gives the effect of a gorgeous volumized eyelash look. You will be so happy with the way your eyelashes. The eyelashes are natural looking. We use white, fluffy volume fans to create beautiful uplifted effect. This creates a natural, glam look for not only the day-to-day but a gorgeous night out. These are the most versatile set of eyelashes. You have a beautiful, natural, light look for any time of day. If you need to know what location are where, pick up the phone and call now!

Our mega volume eyelash extension create a full, dark and dramatic effect. These are the sassiest lashes on the market. This service also includes eyelash lives in tints. Eyelash lifts intense dark in your eyelashes and crawl your eyelashes for a gorgeous uplifted effect. This service also includes brow lamination. This process defines your eyebrow using chemicals to give it hold. Your eyebrows will stay in the same place every day. In addition to your dark and dramatic mega volume eyelash look, your eyebrows will help create the effect of a well rested individual. The service is like a double shot of espresso. You’ll love how stunning your eyes look. The service will give you so much confidence you wouldn’t believe it.

We have so many different services for all different types of people. We have the most incredible cosmetologists in the industry. These artists are truly gifted. They will help you find the look that suits you. They will know the exact vibe you’re going for. Our different services are simply what makes us the best in the industry. You will absolutely love the way you look. All of these different services are so versatile for not only the day-to-day look for any time of day. You will absolutely die over the lashes that you receive. We will do everything we can to make sure your most competent self. We can’t wait to meet our next goddess. theextensionist918.com 918-940-2888

Tulsa Eyelash Extensions

In Tulsa eyelash extensions are so necessary. We will make sure that your eyelashes look absolutely incredible. We are the ones who will change your life. Your eyelashes will look so much better than anyone else’s. These are long-lasting eyelashes, that will make your dreams come true. Wearing eyelashes are so much better for you than wearing mascara or strip flashes. This is the most effective way of ensuring that you will feel beautiful all the time. Our goal is to make you the most confident version of yourself possible. We want to be part of your beauty process and part of your mental health. Are you ready to get gorgeous lashes?

Mascara is so outdated. With these Tulsa eyelash extensions, you will never have to wear mascara again. Mascara plays a huge role in losing your eyelashes. Mascara is really bad for you. The horrible part is that mascara is so sticky that when you’re trying to wash your mascara off your natural lashes followed. This process eliminates that completely. Your eyelashes will be the long and healthy. With eyelash extensions you’ll be able to maintain your natural lashes, while also wearing the most epic in natural looking eyelashes. Are you ready to throw away your mascara?

Strip eyelashes not only look tacky, but they are bad for your eyelashes. Strip eyelashes increase the rate at which your natural eyelashes fallout. Not only that, they also never look natural. With these amazing Tulsa eyelash extensions you will be so satisfied. You’ll never have to wear mascara ever again, and you’ll never have to wear strip flashes ever again. Another amazing thing about wearing eyelash extensions versus strip eyelashes is that eyelash extensions stay on and don’t pop off. Have you ever born strip flashes in the corners of the strip Lash don’t hold down to your lash line? This happens to everyone. That’s way you should absolutely get eyelash extensions so that you will never have to worry about that on natural looking, tacky and time-consuming strip eyelashes.

Without wearing clumping mascara or wearing strip eyelashes you will be the natural looking goddess that you are. These eyelash extensions will make you feel absolutely incredible. You’ll feel like you’re true authentic self. You’ll be able to roll out of bed in the morning without the need and time-consuming process of getting your eyelashes to look bigger and longer. Your eyelashes will look absolutely incredible. We can’t wait to make you feel like the gorgeous person you are. There is absolutely no way that these eyelashes will fail you. You will be blown away.

Strip flashes and mascara are so yesterday. When you get Lash extensions done you will see how amazing you look. In addition to help much confidence you’ll have, you will appreciate the amount of time you’re getting back. Strip flashes and mascara are just a waste of time. God and get these wonderful, beautiful eyelash extension. You won’t regret it. theextensionist918.com 918-940-2888

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