Are You Looking to Potentially Own Your Own Flutter Eyelash Extension Business? 

Owning a Flutter Eyelash Salon will allow YOU to have an opportunity to earn both time and financial freedom by providing eyelash extension, eyelash lift, and brow services to clients.


How Much Money Does It Cost to Open a Flutter Eyelash Salon location?

Buying many franchises or licensing many business models can typically cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or up to millions of dollars, however at Flutter Eyelash Salon we have designed proven systems, processes and marketing strategies that will allow you to start your own Flutter Eyelash Salon business for as little as a $48,000 upfront investment of capital. 


What Would Your Workday Look Like If You Owned a Flutter Eyelash Salon? 

If you owned a Flutter Eyelash Salon your job would be to find licensed cosmetologists, or estheticians, and train them in our systems with the tools we provide you so that they are able to serve customers in applying eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts, and brow services. Training initial front desk staff to handle appointments, cancellations, compliments and complaints. 


How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Own and Operate a Flutter Eyelash Salon  Business?

Over the years we have honed and refined our training processes and overall experience to the point where it typically only takes 1 month of completely-focused hands-on training to learn how to become proficient in your craft.


What Are the Responsibilities of Flutter Corporate and the Flutter Licensee?

  1. Flutter Corporate Responsibilities 
  1. On-going eyelash extension, eyelash lift, and brow training
  2. Providing Industry Insight, Tools Training, Checklists and Proven Processes
  3. Website Marketing 
  4. On-Line Marketing
  1. Flutter Eyelash Salon Local Owner / Licensee Responsibilities 
    1. Providing Professional eyelash extension, eyelash lift, and brow services to clients
    2. Hiring, Inspiring and Managing a Local Team of cosmetologists, estheticians, and front desk personnel. 
    3. Gathering Objective Reviews / Testimonials from Your Happy Clients


This Sounds Too Good to Be. What Is the Catch?

The catch is that at Flutter Brand Corporate we make a percentage of each location’s total gross revenue. Thus, if you aren’t making any money, we are not making money either. So in order to push you to be your absolute best and to do everything possible to ensure that you succeed and thrive with your new business you are required to hop on a weekly coaching call with our Flutter Brand Team that makes sure you are following the proven plan and implementing the success strategies while using the systems to the best of your ability.


What is the Next Step?

Step 1 – In order to see if you are a good fit we would like to hop on a brief 15 to 30 minute call with you to answer any of the questions you have initially about running a Flow Photography.


Step 2 – We will schedule a Discovery Day in Tulsa, Oklahoma where you will visit one of our Tulsa locations so that you see if running and operating a Flutter Eyelash Salon is the best thing for you and your family based upon your goals, your financial situation and your overall experience with Flutter.


Step 3 – If you want to move forward in opening up your own Flow Photography we would schedule a “Closing” day where you would buy your own Flutter Eyelash Salon location and we would then schedule your hands-on training.


Step 4 – During your interactive training you will be working with products and learning how to become proficient in providing eyelash extension, eyelash lift, and brow services. 


Step 5 – Once you have shown yourself to be proficient and able to provide high-quality eyelash extension, eyelash lift and brow services you can then be open for business! 


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