Eyebrow threading

At The Extensionist, we offer eyebrow threading to clean and tame those beautiful brows. If you’ve never experienced the feeling after having your lashes done and brows at the same time, we recommend experiencing this amazing feeling for yourself!
Threading is a manual hair removal technique that originated in India. It is used to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. Common areas include, all areas of the face, arms, neck, legs, and more.

Compared to waxing, some may say that threading can be more painful. This is because with thread, no hairs are left behind. Wax will not pull out every hair with a single coat and pull. Waxing over the same area multiple times is not recommended and can cause some serious damage. Other factors include the temperature of the wax, allergies to certain ingredients, and mistakes made by the technician. Thread does not share the same risks, as it is just a piece of thread! No chemicals or heat are used in the process, so there are no risks for reactions or burns. Hair will not be removed unless the string is pulled. This is very forgiving unlike wax that can accidently cover too much hair, causing an unwanted end result that can’t be fixed. Threading offers a more precise, clean brow when compared to waxing.

Our threading service can be added onto any service for a quick, beautiful fix that you’ll love!


Welcome to the wonderful world of eyelash extensions!! The industry can be a little confusing to those who are new, so we are here to help! On this page you will find a breakdown of all techniques and what they have to offer. All of them are great, but each one offers a different end result and look, so the choice is yours. Please remember that you are not stuck with the technique you select when you start. Every technique can be applied at fill time, regardless of what the last fill consisted of.
Example: A client chooses to start with Classic because they aren’t sure and don’t want something too dramatic. A week after the full set appointment, the client has gotten used to their extensions and feels like they’d like them a little fuller next time. Instead of booking for the classic technique at fill time, we would recommend hybrid. There is no additional charge to move techniques.

Basic application

Though there are many different selections when it comes to eyelash extensions (length, technique, curl, diameter), the same basic application applies.

One on one!!!

This is paramount when getting eyelash extensions. If lashes are not applied to one natural eyelash, it can damage the natural lashes. Depending on the severity and length of time that this occurs, it could result in permanent eyelash loss (traction alepecia).
To make sure your lashes are isolated fully, you should be able to run a mascara wand through the very base of the natural lash line, all the way to the tips without any kind of pull or snagging whatsoever. From time to time, one lash may get stuck to another. This will happen to every lash artist from time to time. Eyelash extensions should be comfortable, and seamless.

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Poor application can not be properly cared for, and can be uncomfortable. If the extensions cannot be cleaned, they are not applied correctly. This poses more risks than permanent lash loss, like irritation and infection.

No matter what technique you have, always remember the rule of thumb!
One on one!!


Classic eyelash extensions are single extensions that are .15mm in thickness (diameter).
Single lashes are applied one by one for the duration of the service. This technique is the original lash extension method. It is considered the most natural. Classic lashes do not retain as well as volume lashes, but should still maintain a 2 week fill time with proper care.

** Classic lashes are made thinner and thicker than this particular thickness, however, we choose to only use .15mm as they are light, and the most consistent thickness for a beautiful classic set of extensions. Proceed with caution with diameters exceeding .15mm. These are heavy and weigh down the natural lashes, causing damage over time. .18mm, .20mm, and .25mm might look darker and fuller when you first start wearing extensions, but long term they will break down and damage the natural lashes and that darker, fuller look will no longer be attainable anymore.



The volume technique is the method of hand making a lash bouquet with super light, thin extensions.
Volume lashes can range anywhere from .03mm in thickness (diameter), all the way to .10mm.
At the Extensionist we prefer to only use .03mm extensions because they are the lightest in the industry. Being so light, they also last longer than heavier volume lashes because they don’t weigh down the natural lashes. 15 .03mm volume lashes weigh as much as one .15mm classic extension. This allows you to achieve super full, dark looks without compromising the integrity of the natural eyelashes. Whether you’re receiving hybrid, volume or mega volume, you can always rest assured that you will be getting those wonderful, light, fluffy .03mm extensions with your service.
Volume is an advanced technique and should only be performed by a technician that is experienced in the classic application technique.



The hybrid technique is a mixture of volume and classic extensions. This creates a middle road for fullness, and allows the client to play with a little of both worlds. At the Extensionist, our hybrid is a mix of 50/50 volume and classic lashes.
Technically a hybrid is mixing the two techniques and does not have to be a specific ratio.


Fills from other salons/beauticians

We allow fills from other lash artists, but do not guarantee services for them. If the extensions are not applied correctly, lack of proper eyelash care or both are apparent, we might require a removal depending on the severity.
This is a professional recommendation that varies widely by each case. If you are unsure and need assistance in booking, call us for help and we can guide you through what would be best for your unique situation.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is used to brighten and whiten those beautiful pearls!
We do not touch your mouth or face during this service. Instruction is demonstrated for you to apply product and use the lamp.

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